I am writing this letter to UHAUL to explain the HORRIFIC experience I encountered in your location at 4857 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19139. I have used UHAUL on several other occasions and have always referred your business.

Not only will I never be using your company again, I will highly discourage any one else do so and be taking my complaints to social media to spread the word. After arriving at the first location, South Philadelphia-1015-25 S 12st, the store did not have the correct hitch at this location. Understandable, no problem, we were sent to the other location to pick up the piece needed. What a joke this second location was.

1 man working with a line out the door. One man to handle the front desk AND go get the trucks/trailers. We were at this second location for 45-60 minutes. Not greeted once, no comment or consideration to the customers waiting in this place of business which had roaches outlining the doors!

Things continued to get even worse. Once we waited for the second employee to give her FOOD ORDER to the woman on the street selling lunch, she then proceeded to give us the wrong hitch. The other man working knew what piece we needed since the other location had called and told him so he corrected her. 45 mins for basically nothing and the RUDEST employees.

On our way back to the other store, I called customer service simply to have someone hear us out on what an awful experience this had been. I called and spoke with someone who said there was nothing she could do. That obviously wasn't right so I asked to speak to someone above her. That put me in touch with Megan in customer service who recorded our experience "on paper" and told me she'd give us a $40 dollar credit as if we'd EVER use this company again.

She then proceeds to tell me she is going to talk to her superior manager, Heather, to see if she can raise the amount and not give us a credit, but rather put it towards our 715.68 DOLLAR BILL. Nothing like giving a company hundreds of dollars after they are completely disinterested in hearing how awful their company is being represented. After another 15 mins of being on hold waiting for Megan, she tells me that actually, NO- the money can't be used towards the bill and Heather does not see any reason to up the amount she has credited us. HER EXACT WORDS.

Clearly like any other human being, I was extremely angry and ended my conversation with her. As if moving isn't a stressful enough time, no one at this company seems to take accountability for the joke of an establishment and the most ignorant customer service representatives I've ever spoken with.

Again, I will be posting this on the internet and social media forums to explain why UHAUL has failed it's typical great reputation and why it was a nightmare visiting the location on 4857 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia, PA.

Monetary Loss: $716.

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