Albany, Georgia
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Rented a 6x12 enclosed trailer on-line a week ago for Saturday, June 30. Received a reservation number and a confirmation number (86381729).

A few days later, received a phone call that my trailer would now need to be picked up about 25 miles away. Called the local U-Haul store and reserved with them and cancelled initial reservation. 2 days later received a voice mail changing locations to another one about 25 miles away and different equipment (not enclosed). My local dealer was very sympathetic and gave me the number to their local logistics company.

The totally unqualified person answer the phone was rude and unhelpful. Her manager wasn't much better but assured me that they would reserve a trailer at a location about 10 miles away. While not perfect, I definitely accepted that. Today, the day before the move, another location called to confirm my reservation for incorrect equipment.

I told them that I had a reservation elsewhere that U-Haul set up. Paranoia set in and I called them only to be told that the reservation was pulled by the logistics company and they didn't have any equipment. Called the previous place back requesting even the wrong equipment that they had (they never told me that reservation was redirected to them) only to find out they had nothing available. I'm glad that hotels, airlines and other places of business understand what a "reservation" and "confirmation" mean.

U-Haul should rename them "Best of luck" and "Meaningless". GivenI need a trailer for tomorrow, I'm now paying $160 from a local rental place for a $30 dollar U-Haul rental that I RESERVED and had CONFIRMED....

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

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Location states Albany, GA but it's actually Des Moines, IA.