Chicago, Illinois

So I drove to my pick up location to rent the 5x8 cargo trailer I had on reserve with uhaul. When I arrived the man or kid who was supposed to be helping me asked me all the general questions about the truck I'm using to pull it yada yada.

He proceeds to tell me I just rate the weight limit at whatever amount just so it passes it really doesn't matter. Then he types my card info into the system then picks up the phone to call his boss because he thinks he may have double charged me. And then tells me if he did overcharge me to come back and he would refund my money back! Um ok so that's the way you should run a rental business right!

So I leave and get a half mile down the road and the WORST happens. I hit a small bump in the road and looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the trailer had came UNHITCHED! So naturally it slides into the back of my truck! The safety chains did catch and I got stopped luckily with no injury or damage!

So the *** did not even tighten the nut down onto the ball like he should have. This is very very DANGEROUS! So these are the fine folks that uhaul has renting their equiptment to you! Consider a different company uhaul blows!

P.s. Might wana consider a little more training uhaul

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

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