It saddens me to have to write this. I am not one to anger or get frustrated easily, but my experiences at this place has been appalling.

It started with me calling around to make sure that I got a unit big enough to fit in my 1-bedroom apartment. I was told that a 5x15x8 would work. Then, *** me, I agreed and paid for the unit before I looked at it (Don't do it!! Please check your units first!!) Upon getting the first unit, I was given the first month free, what a relief especially since I didn't know how long I would keep my stuff in and I am a struggling recent graduate.

Once I realize the unit was too small, I switched to a bigger one and had no problems (or so I thought). It had only been 2 days since I paid for the first unit, so I expected to be able to continue with my free month. I was told that I would still get the free month, it just had to be run by the manager 'no problem'. Knowing that I was about to leave the state for a indefinite amount of time, I wanted to make sure it was taken care of. I continued to call back and spent $30 going back and forth by cab to try and get in touch with them. I was reassured that everything would be fine.

It was definitely a surprise when a week later I received a bill with a late fee on it. I couldn't believe it, so I called back. Mind you, they never answer their phones. It's always the call center. I am told that I need to speak the the General Manager. I leave message after message, trying to not leave more than one in a day, because I'm so *** polite. I never got a call back. I had to complete a File and the manager finally called me back off after that, but I was on a cross country train and in the middle of the Rocky Mountains (just my *** luck). So I did what his message said and called back on Monday. NOTHING. He didn't return my calls or anything.

I call in to Customer Service and the lady tells me that it's been fixed!! I'm excited, ecstatic, singing up the hills... IT'S OVER!! But then, I try to take money out of my account and I'm missing $111. Guess who!?! Yeah, took money without my permission. I call back again and told it'll be handled. Nothing was handled, ever.

Now, I've just gotten off the phone with customer service again and they are saying I need to go into the place!! I don't know when I'll be back but it will be before the end of next month to remove my stuff and possibly cuss everyone of them out.


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