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I had U Haul hitch install a hitch on a honda accord in 2006 and purchased the so called lifetime warranty that says

"We guarantee replacement (including labor costs) of the hitch for any reason, with no limitation for any damage, including collision, corrosion, accidental overload, jackknifing and theft of vehicle." The car was rear ended in 2013 and declared a total loss by the insurance company. I took my warranty and the insurance paperwork to my local U haul garage to get a new hitch installed on a Mazda CX7 and was told by the manager that my warranty was no good because it was another car.

If the car was totaled how do they expect it to be installed in the same car? The warranty said, any reason and no limitations.

If there are exclusions it should be printed on the warranty so the consumer knows what hi is buying.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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I guess I would not have an issue with this U-Haul Warranty, if it was not

misleading. It should state on the Warranty that it only covers that particular vehicle and we would not expect it to cover a separate vehicle under these circumstances.

Same thing happen to me. My car was deemed total loss.

I just called U-Haul and got the same response. The warranty states that it guarantees replacement including "theft of vehicle".

Well, if the vehicle is stolen how are they going to replace the hitch?? It would have to be on another car!!!!


I'm sorry this happened but I think you misunderstand what a warranty is. Obviously a warranty ONLY covers the hitch put on your honda.

You got a warranty on hitch number one to be put on your honda accord. The Honda was totaled (I assume the hitch on the honda was also totaled) you then brought an entirely different car to get hitch number two (a brand new hitch unrelated to the first one) put on a different car. Where would the warranty cover this? A: it's a new car different from the one before so it's not covered under the warranty and B: the hitch you had was totaled and the car it was put on was also totaled so there is nothing for the warranty to cover.

Imagine your bought a house and went out and bought a water heater that had a lifetime warranty when installed in the house. One day, the house burns to the ground (destroying the heater) and you move 20 miles away to different house. Now you want another water heater put into your new house even though the warranty covered installation in your old house. It doesn't make sense!

It's a terrible thing that your hitch was totaled with your honda but the new hitch for your Mazda wouldn't be covered by the warranty and would be completely different from the one originally purchased.

The one for your honda and the other for your Mazda are completely different so the warranty cannot cover a replacement that is different from the one you had. it's common sense!!

@Thomas - CSR Uhaul

This response was from a Uhaul customer service representative??? Insulting your clientele is not a smart business tactic. In fact, your condescending tone will get you fired from any real job that pays more than $7/hr.

@For any reason with no limitat

First of all... they make ALOT more than $7.00 per hour.

And second, I didn't find him condescending at all. His response was very self explanatory, and I found it understandable by the everyday layman.

Sounds like you are just a little butt hurt because you didn't comprehend it in the beginning. :-S