Hartford, Connecticut
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Be warned. If you order boxes online and expect to cash in on their 100% return policy for unused boxes, these can only be accepted at Uhaul "CENTERS" not a local dealer.

The closest CENTER to me turned out to be 30 miles away. The value of the boxes barely outweighs my cost of gas for a round trip.

[Why do I have to type 100 words in this comment box. I was able to accomplish it in 58. What a waste.

Thanks "Pissed Consumer" just another thing that I can be pissed about. There, that should make 100 words.]

Monetary Loss: $40.

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it's because dealers don't sell Uhaul boxes. How could they take your unused boxes and re-sell them if they aren't permitted or even want to sell them in the first place? Unfortunate but that is the way it works.