Kennewick, Washington

DO NOT RENT FROM UHAUL.... They rent you a truck to drive long distances and DO NOT provide the comforts of a long trip.

NO cruise control

NO power control options

NO cd player, tape player or any audio plug in radio for ipod or and audio device.

Who really wants to drive 1200 miles with ALL of those things?? It was a long trip and UHAUL made it longer with those UNCOMFORTABLE options.

The truck cost me $800 and then on top of it they want to change you another $100 for their *** insurance, which come to find out DOES NOT COVER anything. I asked if I hit a deer, does the insureance cover that damage?? I was told, ONLY if the deer is dead and you have pictures to prove it... WHAT KINDA *** IS THAT?? and they say its a no questions ask kinda insureance... WHAT A RIP OFF... I WILL RENT FROM SOMEONE ELSE NEXT TIME.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Me and my wife had moved from Salt Lake City to a town about 40 miles north called Layton Utah. My wife rented a 12ft.

trailer for the last few things against my better judgement. But anyways after loading up the trailer and towing it with a V6 1998 Jeep Cherokee I proceeded to head up to our new place. About 4 miles from leaving our old home the jeep overheated,threw a rod, broke the rear springs, and simply stranded me on the freeway. I had to abbondend both the jeep and the trailer as it was about 1 a.m in the morning.

Got up at 7 a.m the rent a truck from Uhaul so we could recover the trailer and get our jeep towed. Up on return to the site I left both of them. To our surprise they where gone. Apparently both where impounded because of a safety zone on the highway.

The impound fees for both exceeded $950 and on top of that we where without transportation. And no means to retrieve both our jeep and the trailer. Finally got them both out. After about $300 worth of towing expenses.

Impound yards are a money pit when they have possession of your items. Needless to say the total damages of this mishap are around $5500 to $6000. And from the feeling of these previous reveiws I have read I am very reluctant to see the outcome of our recoverys from these stupid incident. I dont feel companies like this realize how this sets people back in life.

One wrong thing can lead to a complete disaster causing stress, loss of money,prodution,and most importantly time.

Our claims adjustor has been very informative with me to this point. Saying this claim is in the final review so hopefully we get compensated for our terrible mishap.


so, you got in the truck after signing the contract and didn't notice right away that there wasn't cruise control or cd player or other creature comforts...and STILL TOOK THE TRUCK??? YOUR FAULT and no one else.

I wish people would take responsibility for their actions/decisions. NO ONE twisted your arm, you could;ve cancelled the contract -then and there.IDIOTS!


I am an ex-Uhaul employee and I can fill you in on why our trucks don't have those things: cruise control can go out and can have computer problems which can cause massive accidents when you are driving a large moving van at 60 mph if it fails so it's a comfort vs safety arguement. Secondly, there is no need for power options because it is a rental and is not for everyday personal use.

Third, Uhaul used to have CD and Cassette players in the trucks but people began breaking into vehicles and stealing them for their street value with is unsafe for both you and Uhaul employees when they are parked on the lot. Lastly, Uhaul insurance, depending on the coverage you take, covers all damage to the truck except the roof and Mom's Attic above the cab because that is a clearance issue and is quite obviously driver error. If you HAD hit a deer (which I'm assuming you didn't) then it would have been covered under the "acts of God" provision in the insurance.

All of your problems could have been explained to you if you had contacted Uhaul instead of going and complaining all over the internet. So go ahead and deal with Budget or Penske because after you pay double what we charged you and extra add-ons on top of that, you'll be back.

@Thomas Inman - Ex-Uhaul employ

Really electronic issues????? How the *** do all of the 18 wheelers on the road do just fine everyday?

It ain't about safety it's about money. What a *** company