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As you rent your Uhaul truck, bear in mind that your online reservation is ALWAYS subject to being changed to a time and place of UHAUL's choosing. I wouldn't say this except that they have burned me this way, if not worse, 6 times now (yeah I smart am I). It's ok for them to do this because there IS a clause in their rental info that basically gives them permission to do so.

OK, so once, twice....but repeatedly?

Why does UHAUL even offer the "Preferred Location" selection if they are going to change it anyway?

This last time I was, again, told there were no trucks available at the location I selected ("preferred"). I wanted this place because the people there treat you like a valued customer and are just plain generally nice people. At least once when corporate tried to bone me, they went out of their way to make it right (actually they went above and beyond that).

I can park my vehicle there and feel safe about leaving it for 2 or 3 days.

I went by there this very same day (wanted to measure the real distance between the cargo rails) and there were 4 of the trucks I was requesting. COOL!

Waiting for the shoe to drop, I finally got the waited for message that my reservation location had been changed. Again. Not so far away this time but's the principle.

Called CS and launched. I was told the usual BS about truck not being available there, the 4 trucks were already reserved, clause says we can choose locatin for you...yaddayadda...

Hopped in the car and drove over since I sort of know these people.

Guess what...not a single one of the 4 trucks of a length I was requesting had a reservation on it!! He told me, yeah, go online and make a reservation, they are available.

No thanks.

Remind me to tell you the propane story sometime......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Uhaul Cons: Horrible customer service.

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I had this changed location issue happen 3 out of 3 times now! The thing that bothered me most is I emailed them and complained about it, and they cc'd me on the emails where they emailed the pick up location i had initially requested to get it from and they said "Sure we have a truck of that size ready!

Have him pick it up here!" in the email i was cc'd on! So they literally didn't even try to freaking set up the location as the one I requested to begin with. Why even have us fill out this info if they're just going to change it anyways?

I just had the location changed from my pick up 2mins from my house to over 45mins away in Philly just now and I'm livid because they did it again. I'll never ever use uhaul again.