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8/28 I made a rental purchase that came out to a total of $619.11 The clerk mistakenly put the entire charge on my debit card when I needed half to be placed on another card. After 30 min.

she finally figured out how to "reverse" it. Sure, okay, it's reversed now right? So we process the next transaction half on a Citi Credit Card and the other half on the same Debit card the original transaction was on. Made it to my destination 10 hours later and waited 5 days for this money to be back on my debit card....

it hadn't. I spoke to 4 representatives that all said it was already processed. It wasn't until the last representative, that they realized they put the money back on a BofA Credit Card they had on file, not the debit account or Citi Credit Card I made the purchase with. So, okay.

We figured out the problem, so let's fix it right? NO. After speaking to another 3 representatives I was finally told nothing could be done unless I went back to the Location (10 hours away) and personally SWIPED my debit card. REALLY????

I needed to pay rent! And as we all know, you can't exactly write a check against a credit card. Spoke to 2 other representatives. One said he could reverse that initial refund and attempt to return it to my Debit account...

GREAT! Got the "refund" of $536.61 (which wasn't even the amount of the initial purchase) reversed to zero out that return. Then, got a refund of $82.50 on my Debit account. UHHHHHH....

WHERE'S THE $536.61 YOU STILL OWE ME???? I've gotten my bank involved since and apparently even they're having a problem getting straight answers! The claim I filed through them is going to be reversed and I'm out of luck AND $536.61. WHAT THE HECK UHAUL??????

Every representative I spoke to couldn't give me answers and still can't.

They bounce me around representative to representative, supervisor to supervisor, and not once did the GM at this Arlington Location call back when asked to. I'm so upset that not only can I not get my money back, but I can get anyone in this *** company to HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Reason of review: poor service and money owed.

Monetary Loss: $537.

Preferred solution: I want the money owed to me! .

Uhaul Cons: Runaround, How long it took to get the initial rental, That theyre telling my bank they gave it back, That i spoke to 10 plus people and still didnt get helped.

  • 2315 Division Location
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you need to complete a customer review at, or speak to customer service and have them complete a customer action file (caf). a mgr from the regional office can take up to 3 business days to research and offer a potential resolution to you.

i'd also list and complain about people who made promises and didn't keep them. once the location submits the refund, it can take 3 to 5 days to appear on your credit card. the location can refund faster, but some are too lazy or dumb to figure it out; they'd rather transfer you out of their hair. all calls are recorded and can be pulled to verify any promises made.

good luck. oh, if no one contacts you, call customer service on the fourth business day of submitting cust rev and ask about resolution.

if you disagree, tell them you want to appeal decision. good luck!