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Here is the letter I sent to U-Haul!


My husband and I recently used U-Haul truck rental for a move from MD to WV. Order #20990578. I have used U-Haul for over 30 years for small and large moves alike. Never in all that time have I ever experienced the level of absolute unprofessional-ism, rudeness, and plain ‘meanness’ from U-Haul representatives as I did this time!

To begin with, when the ‘reservations’ person called us for a pick-up time for the Odenton, MD location, she was beyond rude. I answered the phone as my husband was in the shower. She told me we had a “noon pick-up time”. When I explained we would like to pick the truck up at 7 a.m. because we were using the “Moving Help” side of U-Haul services, and had movers arriving at 10 am, she got rude about changing the time and then refused to speak with me further about the issue because “the order is in your husband’s name so I HAVE to speak with him only!”

I got him out of the shower so that he could spend 10 seconds on the phone with her confirming a 7 a.m. pick-up time. As I went to take the phone back to ‘thank her’ (despite her unconscionable behavior) she hung up on me after I got out only 2 words.

Upon arriving in WV, after unloading the truck finally at 7 p.m. that evening (due to problems with Moving Helps companies failing to have accurate schedule calendars and going through three moving companies) I called the Daniels, WV drop-off location we chose to see if they were still open or had over night drop off.

No one answered at the 304-253-5035 number, nor was there any recorded message. This is the number U-Haul gave to us on the reservation papers we printed off. I called U-Haul’s main number and spoke with a rep who looked up the Daniels, location information for us (since we had no internet) and she informed me they didn’t open until “8 am and have No overnight drop off available”. When I told her our paperwork from Odenton said we had to return the truck by 7 am and that I didn’t want to be charged for another day, she stated that was an error on the part of Odenton’s Reservation person who should have checked the drop off locations stats. That since there was no overnight drop off, we would simply have to return it at 8 and explain. She stated we wouldn’t be charged.

We got up at 6 am after being up till 3 am in an attempt to set up a bed, etc. I called the Daniels, WV location at 7 am just to be sure – still no answer. At 7:55 am we were parked outside the location. At 8:15 am, no one was there. I called the number on the reservation sheet AND the number on the building which differs from what U-Haul provided. The recorded message stated they opened at 8 am. At 8:30, no one was there.

On the front door of the building was a mail slot labeled “Drop Slot” and nothing more. I have used U-Haul’s night drops many times and there is always a locked boxed with instructions. No such box existed at the Daniels location; since we were liable and responsible for the equipment, I was not going to drop ‘keys’ into a box not properly labeled!

I called the U-Haul main number again. This time the young girl was VERY RUDE! As if I inconvenienced her morning cup of coffee! She was short, snotty in her replies and finally agreed to try to contact the owners of the site. After again being on hold with U-haul, she finally came back to say, “Well they live right there on site!” I replied that I had ‘no idea where ‘there was, can’t see another human being, and would like to deliver the truck and not be charged another day.’

She stated that the owners told her to have me drop the keys in the slot. She stated “That is what it is for in the first place! (with a tone that spoke to me as if I was a complete ***)” I stated again that the box was labeled as nothing more than a typical mail slot, and had it been labeled for U-Haul, I never would have needed to call and bother her. All of this I spoke with the same calm I had been trying to practice throughout the whole moving experience.

She hung up on me without another word.

Thursday the 25th, in the afternoon (4:20 pm), via phone, we were conferring with our bank about refunds from the Moving Help site when we discovered an additional charge from U-Haul “pending” on our account. I immediately called U-Haul to be told by another young rep (Stacy) that it was “an additional day charge.” I explained (again) the story and she told me she could file and objection and that someone would get back to me within 24 hours.

I explained that was unacceptable after everything we had been through with U-Haul and Moving Help already! I asked to speak with a supervisor or floor manager, or someone directly in the Department who would be reviewing the disputed charge. She told me, and I quote; “My supervisor is very busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

I then got very firm (but still remained polite) that I could care less how ‘busy’ she was, for as a customer, whose personal finances U-Haul was fraudulently holding, I believe (having spent over 35 years in customer services industries!) that my problem took precedence for 5 minutes!

She told me she would give a message to her supervisor and that the supervisor would get back to me, which of course she never did.

Friday morning I was contacted by a regional rep for the Beckley, WV area who told me he had looked into the issue, was dropping the charge’ and he apologized repeatedly for the poor experience we had with U-Haul and its reps.

I have never been so disappointed and disgusted with a company as I am with U-Haul right now. Over the decades I have used your services, I have also recommended you to hundreds of folks. I have to say, your customer service side has drastically declined and therefore I will not use U-Haul, nor would I recommend you – ever again. We have one more small move of storage items to make in the next month. Because of this recent experience, your competition will be getting my business. While I realize that you may not care one way or another about one person’s bad experience in the large ‘monetary’ scheme of things, you should care about the fact that before sending this letter, I did an online search for what others are saying about your company, and you are tanking to the barrel bottom in the eyes of the public. This may explain why I am seeing more Penske and Budget trucks on the road than ever before.

You once were known for honesty, integrity, service and caring. Whomever you have in charge of your ‘customer service’ side is failing at their job to ensure proper behavior and protocol is being followed. It’s simply sad to see another great company get too big to care about the very people who made it what it once was.

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Very similar experience with U-Haul "customer service". Very Rude, refused to let me speak with a supervisor and refused to give her name.

This was out of the Kansas City office. I have used U-Haul exclusively for 30 years. Never again!

I can't believe Corporate allows this to happen. A simple Google search shows that this is a systemic problem nation wide.