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My Name is Richard Orrell master # 94192049 U

I called on 7-31-15 to reserve a 15ft truck and a 6ft trailer. She said it would be 29.00 for each rental. I thought about it and call that night the place where I was going the pick them up the next day. I asked to rent two 15ft trucks instead of the trailer? He said no problem? I asked if I needed a # of some kind he said I didn’t he had 12 trucks.

I got there in the morning on 8-1-15 There was a line .The guy behind the counter was having a rough time. I waited in line for 1 ½ hrs. When I got to the counter he said I needed to wait for him to check in some trucks before he could help me. I said I reserved two 15ft trucks. He said in had me down for a 15ft and a 6ft trailer. I told him what the guy said last night about having 12 truck’s and there would be no problem .He said that must have been his boss?

While I was waiting for him to check in some trucks .I call 951-200 5416.Talk to a lady she look at her inventory and said she had a 20ft and a 10 ft truck I told the guy that was checking in the trucks .He said OK. I got out of there around 9:30am. 2 ½ hrs late Rented the trucks for two days.

I was finished with the 10ft truck so I returned it that afternoon 8-1-15 (should be charged for one day)

I returned the 15 ft truck around $pm on 8-2-15.While I was gassing up some guy called my son and said I was late checking in?? I rented the trucks for two days which should be 48 hr’s. Trent started at 9:30am

On 8-1-15 and it should end on 8-3-15 at 9:30am.

I should be charge for one day for the 10ft truck and 2days for the 15ft truck?

Please contact me

Richard Orrell

760 715 3550

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Uhaul Cons: Service, Representative, Lack of assistance.

  • discusting
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