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My mother rented a truck for myself and my children to move her out of her apartment; this truck was reserved 2 weeks in advance. I arrived at the UHaul location on 309 in Montgomeryville, where I have rented more than 5 times over the past 10 years, on Sunday 8/26/2012 to pick up the truck that was reserved in her name with her credit card. I was told there was an alert on my name from 2002 and they could not rent me the truck until I paid an unpaid balance of $45.73. I told the clerk I have rented numerous times since 2002 and have never been told this before. He called the number on the alert and put it on speaker. A very rude woman answered the phone and told me I could not rent the truck until I paid $45.73. I protested that I always paid for my trucks on my credit card and my credit card was always charged. I added I have never received a notice or a phone call about this and my number has not changed in 10 years. She offered no explanation and told me I had to pay the $45.73 to rent the truck. I told her the truck was in my mother's name and it was for her to move today. I was then told because I have a balance I need to pay that they could not rent to any of my family members or friends either. I have never heard of such a thing. I was beyond upset. I did not have the $45.73 to spare and I was against paying for a bill from 2002 that I had no idea what the charges were for. So I was bullied into paying the $45.73 so I could move my mother out of her apartment which had to get done that day. I have always used UHaul but I never will again and I still have not received proof of what the $45.73, that UHaul stole from me, was for.

UHaul's Response: UNBELIEVEABLE!!

From: "stephanie mathis"


Sent: Saturday, September 1, 2012 4:09:43 PM

Subject: U-Haul Reference #301382

I apologize that your personal conversation was put on speaker phone. It was not Uhauls intention to try and embarrass you or harrass you. However, when the collections dept. is notified that there is a balance, no matter how far back it goes, we are instructed to take payment before that rental can be made. When the balance was paid, you agreed to the settlement and that closes the case and our policy is that we do not issue refunds on e alert payments. I apologize for any confusion, and if you would like to speak to a collections agent, you can reach them at 800-826-9633


To: "stephanie mathis"

Cc: "Joe Shoen"

Sent: Saturday, September 1, 2012 4:17:11 PM

Subject: Re: U-Haul Reference #301382

I NEVER agreed to the settlement. UHaul BLINDSIDED me at a time which I had very little money. UHaul left me NO CHOICE but to pay it and NEVER told me what it was for or how I could appeal. I had to move my mother THAT DAY!! I paid it because we had to have the truck and because I was NEVER notified of this previously it was Sunday and I was STUCK!! Read my original email again. UHaul STOLE that money from me!! I STILL have NO PROOF what is was for and your poilcy about not renting to family members or friends because someone owes a balance is DISCRIMINATORY!

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