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UHaul has completely screwed us over for our move on Sat., they sent an email on the 19th saying our rental was moved to a location 10 miles away, which adds 20 miles round trip, they WILL NOT comp us for the extra miles we have to go to get the truck. Not only that but instead of the 12:30pm pick up time we agreed upon we are not able to pick up the truck until 5:15pm.

The only other option besides going from a 24' truck to a 10' truck (which would mean extra trips and still having to p/u 10 miles away, and would be impossible to fit our stuff in) is to get a truck at the location we wanted, but not until Monday and THEN it is only available from 8am to 5pm. I called on the 19th when I received the email which was completely wrong from the location we requested to the time we requested and was told to call back to day the Thurs. the 25th and they would be able to fix it as they would have more trucks in by today, also if not they could have a truck moved from the further location to a closer one. NOPE no other trucks available and NOPE they don't move trucks from one location to another.

There is a $50 guarantee if the truck you want is not available at the place and time you requested. However, if you do not cancel your reservation as soon as you receive the email, you have "agreed" to the changes they made.

I did not cancel because they told me to call today and they would fix it. OMG I WANT TO SCREAM!!!!

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Unfortunately, situations like this are usually out of the location's control. As every location does not have the same number of Uhaul vehicles and although we do try maintain a certain number of trucks, customers often rent trucks and return them to other locations, return them hours or even days later, and sometimes do not ever return them.

When a reservation is made, you ask for a certain size truck, time, and date in your request for a reservation. Circumstances change unfortunately and trucks become unavailable (or only available at certain times) or are only available at a certain location. You did not have an actual confirmed reservation until you "accepted" the information in the email. You request a reservation and then once it is confirmed through either the email or phone, then the $50 guarantee is in effect.

As I said, the location did everything they could to accommodate you but if there is no truck available for you to rent at the location you wanted then they do their best to get you a truck somewhere else. Uhaul locations do sometimes move trucks to other locations but they can only do that if the truck is going one way and the second location has a truck to take back to the first location. The driver of the Uhaul truck would be stranded 10 miles away so that you could have the truck size you wanted! Customers need to think things through and read the information provided before they get upset about things like this.

When customers fail to return trucks in a timely fashion or the trucks need maintenance before they can be rented, your UN-confirmed reservation will be moved to try and accommodate your moving needs.

Uhaul locations try their best but mistakes do happen. Please be understanding next time.

@Thomas - CSR Uhaul

Ensuring that the trucks are in the location of where we pay for and the size and date that we pay for are not the customer's responsibility! It shouldn't be that hard to keep track of the trucks in the system, if it is, then your company needs to upgrade and redesign it.

Fun story, we rented a truck through UHaul and on the same checkout page, we hired movers for the date and time we rented the truck. Fast forward to our moving day, the truck we reserved is not available until 5:00 pm of that day. I'm so happy that I was able to pay for a UHaul and a moving company to help load/unload the truck on the same checkout page.

Movers were on time and we're screwed out of $500 because the movers had nothing to put our boxes into to move... If it's going to be a unified checkout, then times are absolutely critical