Hingham, Massachusetts
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I rented a moving truck from Uhaul. When we rented the vehicle, we paid for the optional "damage" insurance that Uhaul sells.

When we rented, we were not asked, told, warned, etc to check the vehicle for damage. We naively took the vehicle as presented to us.

Upon returning, the manager "noticed" a dent on the truck. He told us we must have hit something.

We never hit anything overhead. We never went under anything (We had the vehicle for 10 miles).

That's ok. We have insurance! Uhaul insurance does not cover overhead hits!

It is a Scam!

1) Upsell the customers insurance.

2) Don't tell customers that the fine print says that not all damage is covered.

3) Don't have customers check for damager. Don't ask them to. Don't mention it.

4) Charge customers upon returning for some "found" damage.

SCAM! Do not use Uhaul! BUYER BEWARE if you do use Uhaul. Don't get stuck with over $800 in fees for damage you did not do!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $802.

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