Las Cruces, New Mexico
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The rental location was excellent, but UHaul's Roadside Assistance is the opposite of "assistance." They should call it "UHaul Roadside Customer Blame, Read You the Small Print, and Solve Your Own Problem Advice Center." Truly remarkable. I will never use UHaul again because of this encounter.

I unloaded for about two hours at night, leaving the overhead storage bay lights on so I could see. Midway through I started up the truck and left it running for ~25 minutes to make sure the two small lights didn't kill the battery. When I was done I tried to start up the truck and the battery was dead. I was parked across the parking lot of my apartment complex blocking traffic.

When people drove up I always offered to move but everyone had been nice enough to take a different route. Now the 26' truck was dead and I was blocking traffic. Called Roadside Assistance. Explained the situation.

After about 15 minutes of senseless protocol questions and waiting, the rep told me that because I caused the problem I would be responsible for solving the problem. This was 11 pm after 16 hours of moving and I was tired and blocking traffic. I told her there is such a thing as a weak battery and I just needed some help getting the truck out of the way. I said I followed the instructions in the truck regarding starting up the truck occasionally when using the lights.

She put me on hold for six more minutes and then came back armed with small print verbiage from the contract. She said they don't assist in "customer caused" situations and I should call a local tow service. She said she could call their "preferred service" but that it would cost me less to call around myself and find a service.

She offered to text me some numbers for local tow services. (That text didn't come in for 15 more minutes.) After 30 minutes of trying to get help from "Roadside Assistance" I solved the problem myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Roadside Assistance.

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