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Uhaul rents out a 10 foot truck with a gas gauge that is in reverse (Empty on the right and Full on the Left) of the conventional gauge (Empty on the left and Full on the right), yet their invoice/receipt uses the conventional gauge picture for measuring the gas level in the truck instead of the reverse gauge in the's a very subtle illusion that caught me for $13.00 of additional gas when I returned the truck....and that's when I noticed the problem. Uhaul is aware of the problem as indicated by a phone message to me two hours prior to my phone disconnection, because I was 'moving', ergo the Uhaul rental.

They decided 'not to be available' when I returned their call (20 minutes after their message) prior to my disconnection. They have decided 'not to contact me' via my address and forwarding address.

The 10 foot truck in question had 35836 miles on it, which tells me that Uhaul has been aware of the problem for quite some time....perpetuated by thousands of 10 foot trucks in their fleet....that's quite a bit of free gas for Uhaul nationwide....huh.

It is suggested to Beware of Uhaul's practices !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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*** uhaul and there putting money on hold with my credit card. i got charged and they say thats been happening alot, i needed that money and now i have overdraft fees because of them with my bank..*** hate scandalous businesses..


HA HA HA, must be one of those conservative republican tea party members. Can't use the facts (like using the vision you have to see what's right in front of you) but now wants the world to revolve around how you feel so you don't have to. lmao


That is ***. Read E and F and look at the needle.

Duh. Must not have a brain.

Lucky you didn't wreck it. Sue GM.


haha, youre blaming uhaul because GMC makes their Savanna vans with backwards gas gauges? who are blaming for the fact that you can't read them? :cry