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we had atrailer scheduled for the Big Move in order to make it home for Christmas - what a story!

The fact that our online reservation was pulled out from under us in rural Utah and arbitrarily relocated with no advance notice was unbelievable.

The new location had a great service person - i want to make it clear that the people on the ground were all good - but it cost us an entire day! there was a reason we had a trailer scheduled for our own town well in advance!

This nonsense put us literally in dangerous driving conditions due to the delay: After losing the entire day, we wound up in the teeth of this big nationwide Christmas storm. We encountered four states' worth of treacherous driving we would have otherwise avoided [one particularly grisly example happened in a rollover right in front of us where a little girl had her hand crushed]. Consequently we lost another entire day with extra expenses incurred due to the terrible conditions we had planned to avoid - if only the trailer was where we'd reserved it!

It was nowhere clear that Uhaul could revoke our reservation, nor was there any recourse once we lost the trailer. This represents maybe the worst customer treatment i have ever received. They aren't just screwing up people's plans and costing them convenience or money.

Monetary Loss: $320.

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Uhaul overbooks reservations on one way rentals. They base the reservations on the wait and see attitude in the hope that equipment will be dropped off at the necessary location and that it be dropped off on time.

On Holiday's there are sometimes up to 300 people waiting for equipment with none in site causing lots of heartache and frustrated consumers who counted on this equipment to make their move. It's a nightmare for people who count on this equipment and unless they get someone who actually knows how to run the company it'll never get better only much worse.