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First of all I would like to take the time to say that I have never been one to write nasty reviews on the internet. I have always found it a waste of time and energy. However, as I sit here THREE weeks after my confirmed uhaul reservations on June 30, 2012 in Tampa (yes, reservations, plural) I am infuriated after FINALLY ending my last phone call with the so called customer service individuals in regards to the refund I was promised. I am so angry that writing this is exactly what I need write now.

Let me start off my story of why I will never be giving this company my business again by saying that I reserved a 20' uhaul truck at 9am on the 30th and received a GUARANTEED CONFIRMATION EMAIL stating that my truck will be available and all is good to go. Sounds wonderful, right? Wrong. This guaranteed confirmation email, as I found out more than once that day, is sent out by these lovely customer service representatives who don't take the time to contact the specific Uhaul sites to confirm that there is in fact a truck available for that day. No, they just want to make sure that my American dollars get safely deposited into their piece of *** company's possession. I arrived 30 minutes early for my reservation only to find out that there was NO 20' truck available on site, nor was there a SINGLE truck of any size that I could rent instead. They had been totally booked for WEEKS which means they confirmed my reservation without any actual knowledge as to whether or not there was even a truck still available. What kind of person can call themselves a customer service representative when they really don't give a *** about messing up a person's entire moving day, as long as they have those precious dollars locked down.

Alright, it gets better. So after freaking out about how I was going to explain to my landlord that I had to extend our rent longer than our agreed contract because Uhaul is so incompetent that they can't even find out if a giant *** truck is where they say it is, I decide to go on the hunt for another truck. I called every single truck rental company within 30 miles of me and had NO luck. Panic mode. Uhaul was also aware of the situation and finally called saying there was a 26' truck available at 12:00pm (3 hours after original reservation) at a site in Brandon, 45 minutes from where I was. Problem solved, right? NOT. At 11:15am we call those fabulous customer service individuals to verify that we were not wasting our time on this one and they said YES the truck is definitely on site and ready to be picked up. Awesome, right? NO. We get in the car drive 30 minutes and are almost at the site and get a call from the site saying that the woman who had the truck was running late and the truck won't be ready until at least 2pm. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Then tell me WHY I was just informed by the call center that it was DEFINITELY on site and ready to go?!?! Two reservations *** up in one day by one company. That is a new low uhaul, congratulations. I'll skip the rest of the afternoon story and just say that eventually, thanks to the very kind man at the Brandon Uhaul location (the only helpful one all day) we did get a truck and finished our moving day around 3am in the morning because of all the delays.

Now for the best part....Uhaul has a policy in which the customer is given a $50 refund for a guaranteed reservation that had to be cancelled or changed. We did get that refund for the original reservation but it turns out, as I am FINALLY being informed 3 weeks later after numerous pointless phone calls with incompetent robots who are too underpaid to give a *** about the customers they serve, that they COMBINED my TWO GUARANTEED reservations into ONE contract, even though I have TWO confirmation emails with TWO confirmation numbers and was told by everyone I spoke with on June 30th that I would be receiving TWO refunds, they were unable to grant the second refund. "Oh but we don't want to lose you as a customer" they say, "so we'll give you a 50$ vip credit". VIP? VIP? You REALLY think I want to spend a dime at your company. Most RIDICULOUS, UNPROFESSIONAL, CHAOTIC, AWFUL experience EVER. You better believe that the only thing I will be buying with that credit is something from the Brandon Uhaul location so that at least the manager, John, at that location might benefit from it, because as mentioned, he was the only one who gave a *** about ruining my day and it wasn't even remotely his fault. BYE Uhaul, you just successfully LOST a customer who has used you in the past and will be needing trucks at LEAST once a year for the next decade. Penske, Budget truck, Enterprise...let's see what you've got!

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I will never use U-haul again. Worst customer service I have ever experienced!

The truck I was supposed to get had a broken mirror and they said if I want a truck that day I had to drive the truck with the broken mirror to get fixed which is 100% not safe.

They would not get me a new morror or truck otherwise. Waste of time especially since I rented this truck ahead of time and drove 4 hours to pick up the truck since I was moving my son out of college.


I had a reservation today for a 17' truck. Showed up, waited in a long line, finally got to the counter and was told they didnt have my truck.

The guy didnt even say sorry. I think he was mad b/c i heard him talking with a co-worker how some people were coming in late so he had to stay longer. Had to reschedule for tomorrow morning. I was told the manager will be in on Monday and he handles the refunds.

1. Why isnt a manager on-site during the weekend when presumably you will be the busiest.

2. Not holding my breath on the refund.

Im sure it will take several frustrating hours leaving many messages for this "manager" before I can a courtesy call back ... if at all.


that's how this pathetic company operates. dealers and people who take in calls get their share $$$$ to make reservations.

99% Its mostly these people on the phone who are at fault. they are usually stay-at-home losers who get paid to receive every call and give wrong info to customers. these people and call center folk are not trained, they are *** uhaul works by taking as many reservations as they can (even if they dont have enough trucks) because demand for trucks is high esp. on month end.

ur not special, there are hundreds of people booking trucks at one location.

uhaul doesn't give a *** if they loose u as a cust. lol epic fail


Good morning, my name is Alison and I work with U-Haul. I came across your post and I would like to further help you with your experience.

If you can please send me your contract number, I would like to review. Please send to, myself or my team of individuals will contact you for further assistance.