Fort Stewart, Georgia
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We rented a 5x8' trailer to move some items from VA to GA. On New Years Eve at 8:00pm, the trailer's tire went flat within 10 miles of the facility we rented from. We immediately called customer service & after several phone calls, we were advised that they were unable to find a mechanic who had the "right size tire". The representative asked if the trailer was "in a safe place" & if we could "wait until the morning" for repair (Interesting that they "didn't have the right size tire" on New Years Eve but, would miraculously have one by the following morning). I explained that I had a 2 year old child in the vehicle, was 6 months pregnant, that it was 20 degrees outside & we had nowhere to stay. She advised she would continue trying to find a tire & would call back in 10 minutes. She never called back.

I again called customer service & after several more calls was advised that they would have a mechanic there at 8:00 am the following morning. We were then left to our own devices to find a place to stay - not an easy task on New Years Eve. The representative's suggestion? - "Find someplace warm." Brilliant.

Subsequently, the mechanic did not arrive until after 10:00 am the following day – at which point we had been stranded in the freezing cold for 14 hours. When I reported the problem to customer service, I was advised that despite the considerable hardship we endured as a result of U-Haul's negligence, the most compensation she could offer us was $60! Ridiculous!

This standard of service is inexcusable and even worse, presents a very dangerous situation for U-Haul customers.

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Who moves with a two year old in the cab of a uhaul in freezing temps? I hope the child doesn't grow up to be like the father!


Soldiers move when they get orders, genius.


Haven't even reached my pickup time yet and they already suck. I reserved a truck for 8am on Saturday Apr.

7 2012 and they changed the location that I reserved, they changed the time that I was scheduled to pick it up, and they even told me that I chose the mistaken time. My reservation was changed from 8am to 12pm. Because you know, 4 hours isn't that big of a difference.

Thanks U-Haul. Stellar moving experience already.