Bennington, Vermont
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Uhaul overcharged me 670.00 dollars and would not refund my money. I changed my destination location and they charged me over two times what I was quoted to rent a truck.

The higher up employees of Uhaul demonstrated the poorest customer service I have ever encountered. I am so mad about this. I was originally quoted 516.19$ I changed my destination location and left the truck at a further destination. Although the destination was further, the location was not further than our allowed mileage.

After contacting U-Haul like the contract instructs the renter to. I found out from a U-Haul representative that the cost would not be more than 50.00 dollars! Once I dropped off the truck I was hit with an extra charge of 670.00 dollars. I went ahead and acquired another quote from the original location to the final ending location and it was 525.00 dollars.

So instead of spending the 525.00 dollars I spent a total of 1,186.19. After all of this happened I contacted several different U-Haul locations. I finally found a corporate location in Springfield Illinois. Several times they ignored my voice mails and put me on the back burner.

Once I finally spoke with someone I realized that these people are not educated and do not operate based on simple business morals. I will no longer consider U-Haul as a place to rent moving trucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $525.

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Uhual always over charged me I just need my money for my weed habit, stressful 7 day loans to uhual I get nothing back in arent free u overcharge and keep my weed money there are taxes that need to be me for waiting but they dont give you anything


We came across your post and would like to further help. Any chance you can send us contact information? Email details to and we'll be able to contact you ASAP.


make up your mind, once you choose a destination and reserve it and rent the truck, its supposed to go there and its written on contract. if you change location and destination, rates are going to change... its common sense, you kinda screwed urself there


:cry ok first of all TRY to read a contract before you sign it. ONCE you sign it it is a legal binding document people are such in a hurry just to sign and leave but what you don't realize is your screwing yourself!

WOW and to boot its called a wrong destination drop off for a reason don't you have a clue where your moving before you leave on a move? so who is clueless you or uhual hmmmm i wonder.....