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I had yet another bad experience with U-Haul. This is my second move with them in six years and both were horrible experiences.

Regarding my contract number 22894473, I picked up my U-Haul at the location of 3411 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 (864055). They were friendly. I was to reserve the truck for 6 days, however, since I was making such a big move to Iowa, the associate Cassandra Shaw was great in offering me 6 free days. She also offered me additional mileage. Again, great service. However, the U-Haul was dirty inside and out. It did, however, run smoothly the entire ride. And they forgot to give me the dolly I paid $10 for, so I had to drive back to obtain it.

On the 8th day of my reservation (this is important), I called in to ask for a different drop-off location (originally Waterloo, IA, changing to Des Moines, IA) and to ask for three additional days that I would pay for. At $40 a day, that should be $120, right? Well, the associate got it confused and quoted me $280. I thought about this for a moment, and since my reservation was not complete, she added up the 9th to 12th days of the current reservation (which were supposed to be free), plus the additional 3 days I was asking for, totaling $280. It took me several attempts to explain this to her. Finally she agreed.

The day of the scheduled drop-off, I called to confirm the location in Des Moines, but the previous phone associate had not changed the drop-off location. It was still scheduled in Waterloo, IA. I was able to get this successfully changed to Des Moines, IA as originally requested. However, I should have confirmed the remaining total. I'm sure you readers know what's coming.

My mother and I arrived at the U-Haul location of 4001 SE 41th St. Des Moines, IA 50320 (793074) the morning of 07/25/2015 sometime between 10am and 11am CST.

U-Hauls were disorganized and all over the parking lot. I had problems finding a place to park. The store was dirty. I interacted with three different associates and managers. All seemed beyond stressed. U-Hauls waiting outside were dirty. Manager Tim Hunt was rude to guests before me in line.

Finally, an associate approached me. We went over the truck. And then she told me my remaining balance is...$280. I explained the situation to her and she referred me to Manager Tim Hunt. He was very rude to me and would not listen to my concerns about me being overcharged for the remaining balance due to an obvious mistake by a phone associate. He did appear to call his superior or someone in charge, however, before doing so, he did not listen to my complete story. Without listening to my complete story, one cannot understand what exactly happened! He was put on hold, and I said "I don't have the money to pay $280, and there is no possible way that is correct". He responded with something to the extent of that it absolutely looks correct, and that's probably what I'd end up paying. I said "Uh, no." Then after a few words with the person on the other end of the phone, they hung up and Tim said the $280 is correct.

While he had been on the phone, I drew out the story on paper. I tried going over my story once again. He listened for about 30 seconds and then interrupted me. When he didn't listen to me or let me talk, I became irritated to the point of being told never to come back. Tim Hunt pressed every button I have. He kept saying to take it up with the Reno store, proving he wasn't listening to me. The Reno store actually never did anything wrong. It may sound immature, but I threw a U-Haul writing pen across the store. No one was in the way or at risk of getting hurt, but it was better than me throwing it at him.

Moving is stressful enough. One of the reasons for my wife and I moving was because she had recently lost her job unexpectedly. We were planning to move anyway, so that situation just expedited the process. U-Haul had already been unhelpful. Then they want to charge me an additional $160? I don't think so. I understand people make mistakes, but the reason I lost my temper was because Tim Hunt refused to listen to me or to let me explain my situation. All he'd have had to do is contact the Reno, NV store. Apparently the contract he was seeing appeared to show that I was only given 3 free days instead of 6. Why is the original contract not SEPARATELY available for viewing from the original? I understand due to U-Haul's negligence the whole thing looked correct on the computer to Tim. However, he refused to listen to me. How did this guy become a manager anyway?

In the end, Tim Hunt told me to never come back. Not that I'd want to anyway. I used several expletives as my mother and I walked out. I sent my wife immediately to find and show Tim our original paper contract, proving him wrong, and he still managed to overcharge us by $20. This was later refunded by an associate on the phone, after a short investigation. The associate I was assisted by this time on the phone...I believe her name was Paula...was absolutely wonderful. Five star service. Friendly. Everything a customer could ask for. It's too bad this service appears to be irregular with U-Haul. Tim Hunt never apologized to either of us. And he was rude to my wife too. He also tried telling my wife initially to take it up with the Reno store, but she got him to listen long enough to show him the original contract.

Again, I know many will think my actions were unnecessary and immature, but let me just reiterate, moving services are a special area that need to be handled with exceptional care. No one likes moving. They might like the results of moving, but certainly not the process and the cost of it. I paid U-Haul $1,413.78 total to use their services for moving and I was treated like garbage. A meaningless piece of trash one can kick around on the sidewalk. There were a few bright stars in the process, however, being treated with this kind of disrespect and degradation far outweighs the stars.

***One more note...Back in 2009 I also had a horrible experience with U-Haul. I picked up at a location near Quincy, CA to move to Reno, NV. I noticed a tire was so bald that wires were sticking out. I pointed this out to the associate. He said it was fine. I disagreed, but I HAD to move, so I took the risk. Several miles into my move, that same tire blew out so violently on the freeway that I was almost in an accident with two semi trucks. U-Haul refunded me my entire amount paid for their services, but what if I, or someone else, had been killed or severely injured???

DO NOT USE U-HAUL!!! I'm going to explore other options for moving and storage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1414.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uhaul Pros: Smooth ride, Equipment, Accessory prices.

Uhaul Cons: Cleanliness of truck, Cleanliness of store, Customer service, Price of rental, Over charging.

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Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, SHAME ON ME!


Obviously the truck was clean enough for you during the pre-rental inspection for damage, etc.

How did it magically get dirty while in your posession?

And, how long is this 50% off sale good for?

You sound like some kid who is an entitled brat!

Moving is stressful, so that is your excuse for acting a complete fool?

Using curse words in front of your Mother? (but moving is stressful, so that makes it OK?) I sure hope she washed your mouth out with soap and gave you the full brunt of her wrath!

Throwing items inside of a Business due to you throwing a tantrum? (but moving is stressful so that makes it OK?) Little Boy, (cause that is how you told us how you were behaving) one day you will grow up, but for now go serve a timeout in the corner!


I complained about the cleanliness of the truck, but they didn't have any other trucks available. What was I supposed to do?

Not move? I needed the truck! Of course I through a temper tantrum! The manager wasn't listening to me and wanted me to pay a lot more than what I owed!

And HE was WRONG! And what sale are you talking about?

I was given free days, offered nicely by the associate, presumably because of the dirty truck. Clearly you didn't read the whole complaint.


Why did you go out of your way and capitalize the word business? You probably work at U-Haul from what you wrote.


why call this CUSTOMER (who is always right) a little boy???what is important here is: How did tim hunt become not only an employee but, a manager without listening skills???