North Druid Hills, Georgia

WARNING, do NOT use Uhaul to ship your stuff through their UBOX service. It's really not worth the money that you'll be saving from hiring real professionals like PODS or whereever other services there are.

My husband and I moved from LA to Atlanta this week. The service is absolutely terrible at both ends! It's impossible to get anyone who can actually help you talk to you. The whole ordeal from schedule the pickup/storing our stuff/dropping it off has been a complete nightmare from beginning to end!

Worst of all, the absolute unbelievable and unacceptable thing happened! We got to Atlanta and they have sent us the wrong box!!! No one has any idea where my ubox is. The box with our whole life in it, missing! Can you imagine putting your entire life into a box and having Uhaul lose it! AND they had the nerve to charge our credit card for the "drop off".

We took a picture of the inside of the wrong box that was delivered to us and it had a name inside and I emailed it to Uhaul and the representative told me that they've been looking for that box for a month! And she said it so casually like this kind of thing happens all the time.Clearly, this is not an isolated incident. This kind of thing happen all the time at Uhaul. Do your research. Do not get their service! It's really worth paying $1000 or even $2000 more for real professional shipping company.

DO NOT HIRE UHAUL to ship your things. Our box is insured for $10,000 but I don't even know when we'll see that money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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My girlfriend and I are having the same issue! We just moved from NY to LA and am now dealing with a missing UBox with ALL of our belongings in it. How were the other cases resolved?


My box was delivered to the warehouse damaged. I have been waiting nine days for U Haul to get professional movers to transfer my stuff to another box for delivery to my home. Very poor service for the price we paid.


Has anyone recovered their boxes? This just happened to my daughter and her husband.

They moved to LA from the midwest and everything they own is gone. Does anyone have any suggestions.


My wife and I have this same problem. Uhaul Sucks.

They have been looking for our box for a week now and can't find it.

All they say is it should be there tomorrow or the next day. We call then and get a different person with the same *** answer.


what can we do??? i've been waiting for my box for TWO months today!!!

no one will help me! i moved my mother in law in with me from AZ to AL after the death of my father in law.

EVERYTHING including his ashes are in that box! how do you put a price on something like that?this is a nightmare


Same thing happened to me. Today.

I cannot believe it.

They delivered the wrong box, but the number on the box matches my receipt. WHAT?


The same happens to us right now! It is real nightmare.

No one is responsible and no one has an answer !! What is this!??

How come their system is so wrong! Who can be charged for that!