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We ordered loading help through U-Haul. Our house had already been moved and we had only 12 items left in an empty house. The house is on flat ground 15 feet from the street with no stairs. We ordered a fifteen foot truck to make the loading easy. A ten foot truck or an 8 foot trailer would have sufficed. The Moving help ordered through U-Haul. The website states Powered by U-Haul. The U Haul site does talk about using them for a "safe" move. This was not the case.

The helpers showed up almost a full three hours late. No notice no call. Just late. This puts us three hours behind schedule on a 8 hour trip. They took 2.5 hours to load 12 items. The professional movers loaded half the house in two hours. The men on site then demanded an extra hours pay in cash. When my daughter, who was alone at the house, refused, they threaten her with physical harm and got within inches of her face. She ran inside and locked the door until they left.

I called U-Haul customer service. Can't help this is not U-Haul. But wait I ordered it on a U-Haul site. The site says, powered by U-Haul. But U-HAUL ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE ACTIONS! Called regional center. Nothing U-Haul can do. Tried to call Moving help. No numbers. Used Moving Help Chat. Sorry call the police. Sorry no refunds.

Horrible awful people fronted by U-Haul. For shame!

Reason of review: Threat of physical violence.

Preferred solution: Let the world know.

Uhaul Cons: U-haul lied on contractors.

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