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I lease a 24/7hr access storage locker. I tried to reserve a trailer for a Sunday afternoon till 10-11pm and return to unload my cargo and leave trailer. I was forced to take the trailer on Sat for Sat AND Sun. I asked why I couldn't just reserve it for Sunday? She repeated I needed to take it for both days or I wouldn't get one. I told her I didnt' have any parking at my house for an overnight trailer. She told me again, that was my only option. I've reserved many trailers and was never forced to take it for 2 days. There are no other options where I live so I took it and had to park it in a friends driveway an hr away. Ridiculous. I used the trailer when I had planned at 4pm on Sunday, loaded it and returned to my locker at 10:30pm Sunday and was completely blocked out, couldn't even get off of the road.Called customer service 4 times, each time the call was disconnected 1/2 way thru call. Each CS rep was going to call the mgr to get to come over and unblock the driveway. Mgr didn't answer nor did she return calls from her employer. It started raining. There wasn't anywhere to park the trailer. I had to get tarps and tape (no rope for sale at midnight on Sunday night) and try to tape the tarps together to cover the cargo. All antiques prepared for an antique show in 2 weeks time. I sat all night in my car, going out periodically to cover the cargo. All was damaged, some were ruined. I was able to park the trailer at my house at 6am on the road, I went to work. Emailed the mgr told her the problem, she apologized. I asked what happened to my m24/7 hr access? How many times am I going to locked out? Why are you charging me extra for access I don't have? She didn't answer any of those questions except to say I needed to return the trailer on time or she was going to charge me for an extra day. I told her I worked and wouldn't' be there until 7pm, she stopped returning my emails. I booked off work to return the trailer by 5, so when I made a written complaint I would not be at fault at anytime for this mess. I wrote to her one more time, no answer. I wrote to uhaul.com and no answer, I wrote again a week later to uhaul.com and no response. The first response was after my 3rd email. 'IS ANYONE GOING TO RETURN MY EMAIL WITH A RESPONSE?" The email I received back was "We have no idea what this is in regard to, explain". No 'sorry', 'how can we help you'.. After another week of *** I discovered that everytime I sent an email to uhaul.com it kept bouncing back to the local mgr. She would lie in the internal company notes and say she's just spoken to me and it's ok, she's just emailed me and it's ok.. and the file would automatically close. I never heard from anyone. She was blocking all of my email messages. I tweeted my complaint on March 11 and got the first actual real time replay lol. They confirmed with their notes that she had spoken to me, she had written to me and left vm. My complaint was escalated to the regional mgr. He was a joke, he was changing the subject, interrupting me, kept saying things that were completely inappropriate. I asked to speak to someone else. This is where the passive agressive bullying started. We'll pass you on to someone else, so please be patient and stop posting online and we'll get back to you, my response was I'll keep posting until I get a valid response. It took over a week. That man was inpatient, didn't call on the day I was told he would, he was rude to me, he said, he's not going to spend a lot of time on 'this'. He was openly bullying me. We had 3 conversations each one was that he had read the notes, he doesn't know what my problem is; notes say local mgr is looking after you. Except the notes are not true. He wouldn't talk to me anymore. Uhaul international (I'm in Canada) called me this week, he was verbally abusive, he insulted me, he was rude, he was condescending, and told me to leave the locker and don't come back. I hung up on him.

I won't listen to anyone speak to me in that manner let alone a customer service representative from an international company who has wronged me.

That's where I am now, I've been in that location for 5 weeks, the one time I tried to access my 24/7 access locker I was blocked out and no one will consider their local employee is the problem.

From the beginning to this point, their customer service has been intolerable. I won't stop until they apologize publicly and pay me for the time I've spent trying to resolve it to my satisfaction.

the pics show the driveway blocked right out to the road, the next day when we returned, after the mgr stopped returning my emails, there were 5 employess on site and not one would come outside and unhook the trailer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: too long to go into here. My solution is valid based on the verbally abusive way I was spoken to yesterday by Steve Burman and to just leave the locker I have rented. .

Uhaul Cons: I have written to them twice and no answer.

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