Clovis, New Mexico
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First off, I reserved online 2 weeks before I needed a 17' truck and tow dolly. Oh, don't reserve online because your local U-Haul location won't get the "reservation" until 24 hours before the day you are suppose to pick up your fact don't reserve at all, doesn't matter anyways.

When U-Haul uses the word "reservation", they use it extremely loosely. I was told by an employee that no matter what, if you have a reservation or not, it is a first come first serve basis. So if you "reserve" a truck a month before you are suppose to pick up but another person comes in the day before you are suppose to get a truck and want that same truck you reserve, they will get it since they are there first. Anyways, two days before I was suppose to get the truck which I was suppose to pick up on a Saturday, had to travel a 16 hour trip from New Mexico to Nebraska and wanted to leave by Sunday, U-haul's traffic control called me to inform me that they have no trucks and I would have to travel 100 miles to get a 14' truck.

I found this to be ridiculous that one I had to travel 100 miles (I understand what the contract says...that you might have to travel to the nearest location...just didn't realize 100 miles is "near") plus it wasn't even the right size of truck. I told them I would have to call them back; I called back within ten minutes they told me that truck was no longer available and there wasn't another truck within a 100 mile radius and there wasn't even a truck within a 400 mile radius (that's about a 13 hour drive to go there and back going 60 mph and with no paying for a truck that only gets about 7 miles per gallon) and they would have to call me back once they know more. I didn't get a call back until Saturday and they "guaranteed" me a 17' and a tow dolly at 9 am at the location in my town. Once we got to the U-Haul location at 9 am the guy told me that the truck we are suppose to get wouldn't be there until 10 am and he would call me once it gets there.

Well, 11 pm rolled around and still no call so we called them and talked to a gentleman that said there was a 26' truck that we could have for the 17' truck price. We went back down to the U-Haul store and the guy was very resistant about the whole situation saying that the guy that told us that had no say so in that and he went to his manager and after a half an hour they finally said we could have the truck. That was about the only good news that U-Haul gave to us. While doing the reservation online I noticed that we qualified for one month free storage at one of their U-Haul storage locations and looked up the storage on their website and had a store that qualified for U-Haul storage in the town we were going to in Nebraska.

We called the company that was on U-Haul's website that clearly states that they do the free storage...they told us no they didn't. So we then called the U-Haul's 1-800 number the girl on the phone wasn't helping me so I asked to speak to her manager.

Her manger told me that they only had their trucks but was no affiliated with that not false advertising...I would say so. She also told me, "you do not have to use U-Haul, we are not holding a gun to your head" and "I am tired of going on and on with you, I am going to terminate this call." There was not one time that they honored their all in all, DO NOT USE U-HAUL!

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