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I hope this link will allow you to go right to the video on YouTube...

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BUYER BEWARE! This video depicts what happened when I took my car to Uhaul to have a hitch installed.

As you will see the wiring that was done by Uhaul posed a SERIOUS safety concern. The employees at Uhaul claimed they did not see the problem with this wiring job and were argumentative when I tried to contact them about these concerns, displaying some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was told by the manager of the store that the work they did was absolutely safe and that they stood by their work. However, after my mechanic threatened to make a video showing how this wiring created a huge safety hazard to give to me to take to my lawyer about a lawsuit, a "Marketing and Communications" employee contacted me and my mechanic to "talk" about this situation. After arguing the work Uhaul had done was perfectly fine he conceded to pay for the cost for MY mechanic to rewire the hitch properly. He said, "I will pay for this, I will do this for YOU even though I can have one of my technicians rewire the hitch in five minutes." Odd, the offer to rewire the hitch since he claimed there was nothing wrong in the first place. I strongly encourage you to AVOID doing business with the Uhaul on 35th Avenue SW, Seattle Washington. Or, Uhaul altogether if you can avoid it, because trying to get assistance from anyone from the store to the corporate office is next to impossible. Buyer Beware!

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