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U-haul has a trick now to get more money out of it's costumers. Instead of giving you a full tank of gas, they give you the truck with a bit more than half, or some variation of the gas tank filled.

As the customer, you then have to guess how much to fill the tank, and because you do not want to pay extra, you are likely to fill it more than they gave you thus giving them more gas then they gave you.

Brilliant scam since if they get even one dollar more in gas from every customer, thats millions more in their pocket. From now on I will not rent a U-Haul unless they give me a full tank of gas - you should do the same.

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This just happened to me!!! Gave me a truck with 1/4 tank of gas.

When I turned into the lot to return it I looked down and the gas needle was exactly on 1/4, just as it was when I took possession of it earlier. On Monday they let me know I was being charged extra because...1. They said truck was dirty (WRONG)...2. Truck was below 1/4.

(WRONG)They said I was being charged $100 for this (WRONG).. Then it went to $54 because they were gonna drop the cleaning fee (WRONG) and charge me a refuel fee of $30 and $24 for the fuel (WRONG). They know their wrong and are just hoping to get something out of me (WRONG). If I was at fault I would have no problem with paying but I refuse to pay for something I didn’t do !!!!!

It’s a scam PERIOD!!!!! How many people believe these scammers and just pay it???

Well, I am not one of these people and I refuse to give them a dime over the rental price. So buyer beware and don’t fall for this scam.


Just happened to me paperwork had tank at full... noticed gas gauge a hair over 3/4...

lucky I needed the van for a 10 mile ride...

put one gallon in the tank and informed the guys at uhaul on return... clever scam...


It states on your contract how much gas it has when it left the lot. if it has less than indicated stop and go tell the dispatcher so they can verify it and it will be fixed.

Just replace what you use.

no more no less. Not sure why this would be seen as a scam.


Same issue. And this place was located DIRECTLY next to a gas station.

I saw through the scam immediately, but I had to move that day and had no time to go elsewhere... but I know next time NO U-Haul.


I agree completely! Will NEVER rent from U - Haul again. Scam a very poor woman down on her luck!


Old thread, but I used to work for Uhaul and am laughing at everyone's response.

Look; I hate the company. But Uhaul doens't make a DIME off of overfilled gas that's sitting in the tank.

It's not like they're siphoning it and selling it on the street for a profit..

Most uhaul locations aren't zoned for a tank in which they can pump gas for customers that don't return the gas at the appropriate levels. They have to send an employee to go pump the gas at a proper gas station - hence the $30 surcharge + per gallon fee. A lot of uhauls only have 2 or 3 employees, so letting one out for a half hour just to fill up the tank would end up in longer, more inconvenient lines for YOU, the customer. Hence, when a truck isn't returned at the prpoer level, and is scheudled to be rented minutes later to you, soemone that reserved it, you are going to get a truck with less than a full tank.

PLUS, just like your car, you can pump gas BEYOND the Full tick mark in your tank...

So those of you whining about wanting a truck with a full tank could easily get ripped off by overfilling past the full tick mark - by up to 5+ gallons...

Why not ASK the representative how many MPG your truck gets, have him write it on your rental agreement, and when your'e done with your trip, fill up the appropriate gallons needed?


You can always fill it up to where you *think* it should be, stop, turn the key on in the vehicle, check out the gas meter to make sure you're ok, and act accordingly. You're all making this much more difficult than it needs to be.


How is this not a scam?? Their making people put more gas in a tank than was in it at time of rental.

A $30 surcharge, are you serious?

I don’t care how many employees they have. It becomes a scam because no one should be sent to fill a tank that was returned to the original level.


So so true!!! I got a truck with 5/8's tank of gas???

5/8's!!! Just fill the *** tank!!! So - what did I do - I filled up the tank when I got the truck so I wouldn't get stuck with no gas in a new location where I didn't know where there would be a gas station (cause most people are moving to a "new" location with the trucks - duh!) and overestimated the amount of gas I would use and had to bring it back with 1/4 of a tank more fuel than I took it!! So they got about $15-20 more gas than when I started!!

Brilliant move on U-Haul's part just brilliant!!

No wonder they are the lowest rental truck in the business - they can be because they make it up on the other end with the gas!!!!

Learned a lesson the hard way!!


This type of scam I've seen only in third world countrys,shame on you uhaul !


I know it's a scam. I wonder if you returned a truck full.

Now what would they do?


They don't refund you for those extra gallons that's for sure


If you look at the contract you were given, it tells you to the tenth of a gallon, exactly how much gas to put back in the truck to make it right. Leaving it with slightly more gas in it doesn't save u-haul a dime more than leaving it exactly where it was.


Yeah, 'cause it's SO easy to pump gas down to the tenth of a gallon!


hey! did you know on the pumps nowadays they have these neat little gadgets that actually inform you of how much gas you are purchasing, not only in dollars and cents, but also in gallons! amazing stuff this technological world we live in huh?