Santa Monica, California
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I took out the safetow protection while moving. My car got damaged due to improper instillation by uhaul employee.

During the move I had to pay for a mechanic to come put my car back on the dolly. There was $1200.00 worth of damage to my car and now they will not pay on my claim. They stated that the damage was "cosmetics" and the car drives fine. They would not return my call and I receive a lot of placing of hold or someone will call you back when no one does.

So now I had to pay out of my pocket for repairs and am playing the waiting game. I feel like everyone should know what happened to me. They did not care that I was on foot in a strange town for three days without friends, family or public transportation. Well I am pissed.

I am not a sheep but a lioness! Any suggestions?

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Oh yeah...As for suggestion, U-Haul or (I forget which) has a handy guide on how to succesfully sue and collect from U-Haul for legitimate damages/loss.


What did the U-Haul employee "instill" for you, and how did it fail? That would go a long way to telling us why we shouldn't use that location or U-Haul in general.

Also, did your vehicle fail mechanicaly or perform at a lower level than before you towed it due to damage?

$1200 seems awful high for 'cosmetics' that don't warrant a repair. Did you have to buy any new body panels?