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BEWARE: The time frame for delivery doesn't begin until they actually decide to run the charge through, NOT when you set up delivery or when you give them the credit card or even on when you need the stuff. They will NOT give you a set date because of the way they conduct business (submit bids for transportation and go with absolute lowest bid).

Service seemed ok in the beginning but they turned our move into an expensive nightmare by forcing us to purchase needed items, including expensive medical devices/items that we expected to have by a certain date. We took what we needed for two weeks but only so much can fit into a car and we were guaranteed to have our items "within 11 days."

Used Ubox service. Set up online in late April to have boxes delivered 5/13. Spoke with local rep on 5/7 to cancel one of the boxes and move the delivery date back to 5/15. Explained on 5/7 that we needed to make sure our stuff was at destination by a certain date. No problem, according to them. When we scheduled the pick up (after filling the box up), told them that it was important that our stuff be to new location (cross country) by end of the month, which was well within the 11 day time frame, and from the conversation, I understood that the card would be charged that day. Pick up was on 5/16 but they did not charge our credit card for transport until 5/22, supposedly because they were waiting for a credit that should've been processed on 5/7! And then our goods were not shipped out until 5/29.

We left former city on 5/22 and arrived at our destination on 5/26 and were prepared for a few days of not having our stuff. But having to wait for our belongings over two weeks after arriving here after paying as much money as week did is ridiculous. This is the last time I will EVER use Uhaul.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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they did the exact same thing to me !

I think all people that they did this to them should file a class action law suit against them.


Having a similar issue now. Dropped uBox off on 7/2 full of stuff, it's now 7/23 and they can't even tell me where my stuff is!

Was told in the beginning should be delivered on 7/15, after many phone calls found out it didn't even ship until 7/12, it just sat in the box in our original Montana location. Beginning to wonder I'd I will ever see my stuff again!


We are having the same problem right now. The messed our first shipping date, they contacted us to fix the first mistake, charged our card and still waited a few days to ship our things.

Now that our stuff in here they are quoting a different dilivery price, hundereds more. I feel as I am being extorted.

Any one who reads this do not, I repeat DO NOT use uhaul. Incompatant criminals!


Same exact thing happened with us. Do not use Uhaul Uboxes!!!

Or if you do plan on not having your stuff for three to four weeks after they pick it up. They picked ours up in CO on 5/30 and was delivered to PA on 6/22.

No help from uhaul through the whole ordeal either! :(