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I ordered $600 worth of moving supplies and a van rental from Uhaul. I ordered my moving supplies the beginning of February.

All of my items but one on my order stay "These items have not yet shipped." It's been 2 1/2 weeks and these items still haven't shipped? I called Uhauls customer service and they said "Well it can take up to 10 BUSINESS days to ship the items and then 10 more business days to receive the items." What a crock! No where on the website does it say that it would take a freaking eternity to ship these items out. If I would have seen "10 days to ship items" I certainly would have driven somewhere and purchased them.

The girl told me she would call the warehouse to get the status of my 2 orders and then call me back. Ha! Wishful thinking. A week and a half later I am still fighting with Uhaul for some answers.

My assumption is they're just going to string me along until the day of my rental (the 29th). What's the point of ordering $200 in moving supplies if I'm not even going to get them by my move date anyway? One person did call me back, but it was just to tell me "We don't have any anwers at this time and will call you when we do." I've left messages, submitted complaints through their online forms and no call backs whatsoever. What good is it gonna do me if these boxes arrived after I've already moved out of state.

I don't want to cancel my shipment if the supplies are on their way, but if they aren't on the way I do want to cancel. But no one will ever tell me what the *** the status of my order is... GOOD JOB UHAUL! WAY TO FAIL AT EVERYTHING YOU DO!

I can't wait to pick up my truck and it dies on me like the last time I moved.. Shame on me for thinking that was just a fluke. Expect to get screwed if you use Uhaul.

Plain and simple, they are lazy, inconsiderate, unprofessional and rude!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Moving Service.

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i honestly dont see how everyone can be unhappy with uhaul i have worked here for going on 5 years now and never had i had a single complaint. i honestly have never given out a truck that was unfit.

i have had customers beg me for a truck that the starter was out on. i almost got fired for marking the customers gas tank at 3/4 instead of 1/8 it was at.

i try very hard to please every customer i get the pleasure of meeting. and i would love for each one of you to come to my store so i can show you what customer service is.


I feel for you, but I had the exact opposite problem. I ordered a hitch online, but had to cancel and was able to, following their online instructions. Although I cancelled within 24 hours, I got an email the day after, telling me that the order had been shipped that day (aka the day AFTER I cancelled my order).

Now I have to pay to ship back a 50+ pound item I cancelled at my own cost.

At first, considering the timeline, they said they might pay for 1/2 the shipping, but after I emailed them the timeline and demanded full payment of the shipping costs, they told me they wouldn't pay for any of the shipping. I find this unacceptable, considering they shipped my order AFTER I had already cancelled.

I've been calling UHaul all day (most of the time on hold) and emailing with them. The last email I got told me to call and that they will email me back... I don't get it. When I called again, I was told everyone was in a "meeting."


U-haul doesn't seem to care about customer satisfaction.. 2 weeks after returning a 14 ft truck with the furnature pads folding and the truck swept we were charged an additional $90 because we were an 1/8 a tank short on gas..

The bad thing is they didn't notify us they were taking it out of our bank account and we now have $218 in overdraft charges that we owe the bank.. Had Uhaul notifyed me of the additional charge I could've avoided these charges from the bank...I think $90 for an 1/8 a tank is a bit much anyways..but not with the $218 in bank charges it's a bad situation..