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If I could give them LESS THAN ONE STAR I would. Where to start....

I rented a U-haul from the downtown Spokane (E. 3rd location). The very same night we rented the U-haul (an HOUR LATER actually), we PHONED DOWN to the location we rented from to inform them that the U-haul was ALREADY having POWER ISSUES (wouldn't restart after shutting it off for 5 minutes). Any person with a shred of intelligence, upon receiving this information would've swapped out a new truck to prevent any further issues, but.....

they didn't . Between the mechanical issues, and it being late at night now, we decided to leave the first load in the truck overnight, and deal with it early in the morning (Thanksgiving Day). Due to the holiday, they intended on closing at 3 PM. Between the moving crew and ourselves, we would've had no problem completing the job in time, to return it to the store by closing on our way out of town for our family's Thanksgiving dinner.

When we OPENED the TRUCK the NEXT DAY, a FOUL ODOR emitted from the truck. UPON FURTHER DISCOVERY, we found HORSE STRAW and MANURE INSIDE the U-Haul, it became evident that NO ONE CLEANED THE TRUCK prior to our rental. So, MY CLOTH FURNISHINGS now SMELL of HORSE MANURE and REQUIRE UPHOLSTERY CLEANING I assure you this service COSTS a FEW HUNDRED no matter what way you go. Unacceptable.

To top it off, the truck issues continued, forcing us to complete half the moving job, we had to PAY the MOVERS for their time in spite of the fact the JOB WOULDN'T BE COMPLETED, we MISSED OUR family's THANKSGIVING DINNER WAITING for a TRUCK MECHANIC (who was REFUSING TO COME OUT- third-party mechanic, probably because he wanted TO BE PRESENT for HIS THANKSGIVING DINNER. The reasons he stated were because if it were a starter, he would be unable to do anything and we would require a different mechanic to be sent out anyway. We assured him that we were most certain it WAS THE BATTERY, which he CONFIRMED he was QUALIFIED TO WORK ON, and we WOULD'VE APPRECIATED if he would have AT LEAST TRIED for us). NO MECHANIC SHOWED after 5 HOURS.

We DIDN'T even GET a CALL BACK from U-Haul regarding the matter, we HAD TO CALL THEM back. We knew it was an issue with the battery and even offered to jump it ourselves in the sake of time but they refused. Understandably, they don't want people tinkering with the mechanics of their trucks as it is their business fleet, but again, it was only a battery jump. We wouldn't have attempted anything further.

As time progressed, we took it in our own hands, were able to find the battery, and jumped it ourselves. Problem solved..... but, it wasn't our problem to begin with. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE for CUSTOMER SERVICE/RELATIONS.

This ATROCIOUS SERVICE COST US several hundred dollars, in addition to an even larger amount of stress during the moving process. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND GO WITH PENSKE. Additionally, it was a surprise to me to have found out my former landlord actually worked for U-haul; when I told her about our experience, she informed me that from the company side- they don't do any type of mechanical servicing until the trucks are already broken down. Obviously they do no cleaning either.

They DON'T CARE about YOU, your BELONGINGS, your MOVE.... ANYTHING. They CARE about TAKING YOUR MONEY, and giving you sub-par quality equipment so you're on your own with the "road side assistance" (what a joke) and they can SIT BACK AND COLLECT A CHECK WITHOUT HAVING TO MOVE A FINGER. I assure you the employees at this store all got to be present for their Thanksgiving dinner with their families.

This will continue to happen until they are held accountable. I don't want your family to be the next affected- especially should you NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD the EXTRA HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO CLEAN UP THEIR MESS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Customer Care.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Uhaul Cons: Quality, Service, Customer relations, Road side assistance, Missed thanksgiving, Cleanliness.

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