Portland, Oregon

On this very website, UHaul asks us to contact their customer service department prior to submitting a review on this site. Well, we have been trying to contact someone at customer service for four hours now, and get nothing but a "my hands are tied" and apparently we will get a call back at some point.

So the story.. we rented a Uhaul from a store in Hillsboro, OR to drive to Knoxville, TN. Long trip. Immediately, we find that the truck has not had the tires balanced and is pulling hard to the right.

The 20' truck was completely packed and we were on a schedule so we left anyways. In Colorado, the truck starts screaming for an oil change. (My husband just spoke to the manager at the location where we picked up the vehicle, and found that it was way overdue for a change.). Finally, we got to Tennessee, an hour from our destination.

Something in the front end of the vehicle went way wrong and the truck started shaking violently. Thankfully, my husband was driving and is an experienced driver. He pulled over immediately and we called roadside assistance. The woman at the service department told us that it would be at least 2 hours before anyone could get to us.

As we sit on a small shoulder of a busy highway, she told us to continue driving if we could. We got the truck to our new home, took one look at the front tires. Even I, very inexperienced with vehicle maintenance, knew immediately that the tires were dryrotted and pulling apart. Again, thankfully my husband was driving and no-one was hurt, but we were pulling a trailer with a car behind the truck which could have jack-knifed and hurt or killed us or other drivers on that highway.

We are currently attempting negotiation with the facility that rented us a vehicle that was unfit to drive, and have yet to hear back from customer service.

The people whom we have dealt with thus far have been rude, have interrupted and denied fault. We will never, ever use uhaul again. The manager at the OR location has agreed to pay back 1/3 of what we paid and upon us saying we wanted at least 1/2, a lawyer was threatened to be called. Not sure how well their argument could hold up in court, as apparently he would blame us for running over a curb and causing the tires to dry rot...


That's all I can say for now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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I have to jump in here. Stay away from local dealers???

I cannot believe you are saying that. I am a local dealer and I have had several customers call me and say I will only rent from you. I have read your reviews and am very impressed. They go on to say that the CENTERS are very, very rude and refuse to help in anyway.

So you may want to rethink your reply. And you can tell if they are serviced by a little sticker called a INSPECTION STICKER.

Do not take my word for it just call or go into a center and you will see for yourself. :upset


Unfortunately, the Inspection Stickers are just that, stickers. Employees at both kinds of locations can just put a sticker on the truck and lie that it was serviced so the sticker is worth as much as the employee who put it on.

However, I do commend you for your exemplary service to Uhaul customers but it an unfortunate fact that not all local dealers are as courteous and well managed as yours. Quite often at the center where i work, i see trucks come in that have been held over for long periods at local dealers and, although the Inspection sticker is there from the dealer saying that everything is certified, the truck itself has not been maintained properly. My reply remains valid because, in my personal experience, Uhaul centers are more seriously regulated than local dealers if only because we are a direct branch of Uhaul Inc. It does happen where employees cause people to have poor experiences with Uhaul at both centers and local dealers but if everyone maintained their vehicles like your dealership and my center do then we would have very few of complaints like this one.

Uhaul does their best to regulate maintenance but it is impossible to be 100% sure that every vehicle at every location is properly maintained. We can do our best but it is the failures of people at the local level that cause business to slip at the corporate level.

I apologize is i offended you as a Uhaul distributor. I did not mean anything other than to state that some local dealers have separate standards than centers do.


If you rented the truck from a Uhaul dealer (not an actual U-Haul of...) place then they are independent operators. We always service trucks when they come into a real Uhaul business from independent dealers because we have no way of confirming maintenance on the vehicles short of driving out there and inspecting them everyday.

Obviously, the truck was sitting on the lot for a while and was probably rented locally so much that the condition of the vehicle deteriorated. I am extremely sorry that you had trouble with the vehicle. Please do not assume that all Uhauls are negligent in maintenance because most of us care very much about the safety and comfort of our customers. I work at one of the Knoxville Uhauls so it is possible that you came to my location!

I hope that your experience after the rental was returned was at least good. Unfortunately, Uhaul managers don't make the call on how much to refund on a trip and, typically, corporate only allows us to refund enough to cover basic maintenance and fuel. I hope you will consider renting with Uhaul again (but please avoid the local dealers if possible). Use a reputable Uhaul of...

location to receive the best experience!


You mad it to your destination, you weren't hurt you have you have no loss. You should be elated they refunded you the money they did... you can't successfully sue someone for neglect if you had no loss from their negligence

@common sense

Incorrect. Based on your argument you assume they had no loss.

The post clearly states how;

1. Distraught the family was due to the fear of the situation

2. Inconvenienced due to loss of time

3. Anxiety from possible bodily harm

The validity of a lawsuit has nothing to do with actual monetary loss or "harm".

A person or personal belongings do not have to be damaged physically in order for a lawsuit to be upheld. So next time know your facts before being a troll and a dbag.