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We rented a truck, extended it for a few extra days, and then they actually broke into the fenced yard where we were temp staying, took it back after 12 hours being late,when we were to have the truck for 3 extra days, and refused to say where the property was, the owed balanced was 35.00,yes 35.00, and they never called me to bill me more, nothing on our phone.

Then they then sent us to another location to retrive truck,and it was not there, so we went back,and they became very agressive telling us the property was sold already to someone in mexico,then me to *** off whitley, and wait for manager who was on "vacation" then one of the employees challenged me to a fight after I called them thieves, but a girl stopped this ***,we then reported them to the police for theft, since no vehicle rental shop we contacted ever took vehicles like this,and its theft since they broke into a secured yard, they also cussed me out in spanish although they did not know I know spanish, and I also reported them to mexican athorities since this location claimed they sell the items they steal to persons in mexico, so now they are in trouble since the police in mexico that we report them to, do not like *** like the ones at unhaul in chula vista using mexicos name to say they can get away with it there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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