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what is it that everyone hates uhaul? everyone says they have received horrible service.

i have never once received a complaint. i never knew that i was working for such a horrible place, a place that takes care of the people in it and those who may walk through those doors. the only unhappy customer ive ever had was a young girl whose father had left the parking brake on. this was 17' truck.

the E-brake/Parking brake is on the driveshaft. she drove it at highway speeds for 35 miles and then complained about a smell and a loud buzzer that wouldnt go off. when the e-brake is on there is a bright red light and a buzzer that flash wlp and yell at you to tell you the E-BRAKE IS ON ***!!! she then went on to say that it shouldve been more noticeable.

she then asked for a full refund for her rental and lost time. i said *** that and my GM said yes ma'am and you have a nice day.

and i thought we just tried to *** everyone? we let so much *** fly that sometimes we cant let it fly anymore and you get caught in the crossfire not our fault contact the previous customers and blame them for their ignorance.


Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Customer Care.

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Look, in all reality I must agree don't think for a second that this isn't true. I know this first hand, as having had personally dealt with incompetent, sleazy, underhanded, vindictive, drugged out, incoherent and maniacal bosses in FL. They say their objective is to honor and follow company policy when in actuality they use and abuse honorable people who work for them and their concern is not customer's safety or protection it is personal gain and pulling tricks and schemes to ensure they don't get caught stealing from the very company they're living scott free off of!

I must add, customers were appreciative of my service but the bosses not so much, they don't much care for good deeds, and good customer service and not sending out damaged/defective equipment if it's available