Nampa, Idaho

I got suckered by the $19.95 a day rental ad plastered all over their rental vehicles. Only fter scheduling a delivery, I learned there is not only a $.79 per mile charge, you also have to fill the tank, lest you be charged another $30.

So, my 35.5 mile rental ended up costing me 4 times as much as the $19.95 - yes I was charged a whoppping $80 for a what is really a very little trip. I ended up putting another $19.99 for gas, which means the vehicle got me 2 miles per gallon.

Talk about false advertisement! What a Rip-Off.

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The next time, just test drive a truck and move whatever it is you want to move. Yeah, it's dishonest but no more so than the "fine print" the legitimate businesses hit you with.


As far as gas, you only have to replace what you used which should have been clarified before you rented the truck. The one-way rate has always required paying by the mile. But you're correct, these places always have hidden charges which is why I ask a million questions AND make sure it's in writing.


Sounds like this person never rented anything before. Unless you're renting a car with unlimited miles, there's always a charge for mileage.

Does this person think they're going to give him free gas? This post makes the person appear naïve and unsophisticated. Sorry.

He should have understood the charges beforehand and if he didn't like them, he should have shopped. I think he might have found this might have been the best value around.


People should learn how to read. And research.

And buy there own things to avoid renting, if they do not like the prices. That is all.


My $19.95 a day will cost me $212. Plus gas


They are a bunch of liars! my husband was quoted $30 for a truck rental for the day, plus 80 cents a mile, and when we went to pick up the truck they quoted us over $300. They make me sick because they are such lying jerks


I answered no because this information is incorrect. First off, the $19.95 does not say is is a daily rate.

It also says it is "In-Town), and has "Plus Mileage/ Fees". The fees refers to either the $1 environmental fee or the coverage you can purchase for the vehicle. It also tells you that you can RENT THIS VAN, or RENT THIS TRUCK and it will be on the vehicles that that rate applies to. So you won't see $19.95 on the 26 foot truck because that is not the intown rate for those.

When you rent online or at a store, all rates are clearly posted. In the cart online, before you complete the reservation, it will show you if the equipment is scheduled or requires scheduling, what you ordered, the costs plus what the per mile rate is, etc. People rarely read things well. It's also on the contract they sign at pickup.

It's not in teeny tiny print, but regular print size. Most of these types of problems would be handled if people read the information and gave themselves enough time to do their homework.

There is no scamming just because you didn't read the information before you signed. What you say about the $19.95 a day alone shows you didn't really read what was on the vehicle your read it from.


Agreed.... complete ripoff.

I rented for 2 hours, drove 15 miles... they charged me for 23, AFTER I GOT the receipt via email of course.


The same happened to me $19.95 my ass......$82.00 .....$25 of that.....truck cleaning fee!!...i dint even leave a wrapper in the car...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! complete rip-off...


Ha!You think you got ripped off? i was only 10 miles off on my estimate.

but they charged me for 2 rentals because i returned it at 1030 not 6 pm. They were closed either way, not renting it out.When inwas asked on return time i said it will at least. at Least 4 hours. so because i had the truck 8 hours they can charge me twice?!

Oh. and of course i had insurance, charged twice.....65 estimate is a 122 dollar bill.


I agree U-Haul is not the Haul Yourself and save on delivery. I bought me and my son some new furniture.

The store said for 2 address the delivery would be $180. I said no and went to U-Haul and the $19.95, $.99 per mile x70 and gas I saved a WHOPPING $35 dollars


Looks like you DID save something. SMH. I bet you didn't give them that "WHOPPING $35 dollars" to spite them.


i had to pay over 1000 dollars because even through i rented for 1 day i drove over 1000 miles so i was charged a mileage rate 0.79 per mile when i though i would spend just 19.95


You must be *** as *** then


well thats YOUR fault, no way would a reasonable person think they could drive 1000 miles and pay $20 bucks.....


Your stupid. Cheap.

And basically looking to con someone.

I just rented the same. 79cents a mile in BIG FREAKING LETTERS.


U-haul's billing might be unclear to you. But to all of us reading your post, one thing is crystal clear: YOU ARE A BOZO.




There's no way you drove over 1000 miles and returned it to the same location and even if you did, you had to know that that did not qualify as a local trip.


paid more for rent than the thing said i though it was 19.95 for 1 day i moved from pa to maine and i had to spend over 1000 dollars due to the milage charge