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I am very dissatisfied with my U-Haul experience. I reserved a 17’ truck on-line two weeks before I was expecting to pick it up in Steamboat Springs, CO. I was told to call 2 days before the pickup date to confirm a truck was available, which I did on Monday June 29. At that time, I learned that the owner of the dealership with whom I had been speaking had passed away, I spoke to her son and told him how sorry I was to hear the news. The son confirmed that the truck would be available on Wed. July 1. I then called back on Tuesday June 30 just to be sure the truck was available with all the family issues in that dealership, I was again told that a truck would be available Wed. morning.

I had planned on this reservation for 2 weeks, so I had already dropped off my car in the Denver, CO area and taken a bus back to Steamboat Springs where I had a bicycle as my only transportation. Since the dealership was only 3-4 miles away, riding a bike to pickup the truck was not a problem.

When I arrived at the Steamboat dealership on Wed. July 1, I was informed that a truck was not available. To their credit, they found me a 20’ truck in Craig, CO, but Craig is over 40 miles away from Steamboat!! I asked them how I was supposed to get to Craig with a bicycle. Their response was “ride your bike, or hitch-hike!”

With no other alternatives, I was able to hitch a ride with a local tow rig operator to Hayden, who strapped my bike on the back of his rig, and then I had to bike the remaining 16 miles to Craig! The woman at the Craig U-Haul office was splendid, I have no complaints with her service.

What I do have an issue with is the business of reserving a U-Haul truck that is not available! How can you run a business like this?! If a truck cannot be guaranteed for a specific location, then what is the point of making a reservation? I am a 58 year old man who was fortunately able to bike 16 miles, but supposed I was not able to do that, how would I have gotten the truck in Craig? In addition, I had to pay for an extra 40+ miles of gas that was not planned on.

I finally spoke to a man from the U-Haul main office for “objections”, who called 5 days later instead of the 48 hours I was promised. I asked for a refund after telling him my story, and his response was “Well you’re not gonna get a refund, you got a truck, we’ll give you a $100 off on your card and a nice dinner!!”

Does this man have idea how insulting that is?! I will never do business with U-Haul again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uhaul Cons: Customer service.

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