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DO NOT TRY U-BOX!! I was told it would be delivered to my home and when it arrived at a location facility an hour away I was told..too bad unless I now paid an additional $325 for delivery to my home.

This was after trying to track down a person to talk to. Also, if I do go pick it up myself and bring it to my home I have to return the empty box to the same location so that is another hour drive back there. Oh and you pay a rental for the trailer the box is on. This is NOT a substitute for PODS or the similar boxes..I thought UHAUL huge company this would be great I can trust them.

NOOOOOOO don't do it unless you have plenty of money and patience. You are better off with a moving company or go through PODS I have before and wished I had this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Moving Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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that's because a semi picks up your box & takes it 2 the nearest location that accepts ubox then they either deliver it to u from there or if u have truck with a hitch u can come & get it yourself the semi does not deliver to your house aka semi does have a fork lift to unload the box idiot