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I rented from U-Haul a while back, and the total was to be in the $330.00 dollar range, however when I received my credit card statement I almost had a heart attack.They had charged to me $900.00, and I was horrified, so I called my credit card company, and put a stop on the payment to U-Haul. After a few weeks U-Haul contacted me and we discussed why the bill was astronomical, and after a couple more weeks , and more arguing they finally seen things my way, and I payed them what was originally quoted $330.00, so a word of advice to all who eventually move, be very careful who you deal with, and give your personal credit card to, as some of them aren't as honest as you'd like to think.

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This wasn't helpful. It would have been more benefiicial to know what those charges were and why they were different.

I've seen situations where people had a flat rate and then kept the rental for days later, drove hundreds more miles and then wonder why a rental is as much as it was because they didn't read their contract to see that a one way 15 foot truck is $40 per day for extra days, not $29.95 rate for the intown rental, or they thought that we offer free miles (no where in our advertising do we offer free miles). So exact charges and what it was for and what U-haul agreed to and why would tell the story. And I'll bet it isn't as bad as you are making it sound with this level of vagueness.

Wrong charges do not happen often on U-Haul's part because these amounts are in the software. Mistakes can happen, but not often, and more often than not it is human error in understanding.