Hagerstown, Maryland
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I recently rented a U-Haul truck with the understanding that the fee would be $29.99 with $.89 per mile and to refill the gas. As I gave the employee my card to "swipe" so that it would put the truck on "hold" until I returned it; I made the *** assumption it would charge the $29.99 as advertised until the truck was returned.

Not only does U-Haul not charge the advertised $29.99 but they adamantly state that the $89.99 you will be charged is common practice and placed on the contract. I not only received an additional $60 charge on my account but 2-$35.00 NSF fees from the unexpected additional U-Haul hold charges.

Don't give them your credit/debit card to swipe unless they advise you prior that the charge is NOT $29.99 but $89.99!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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uhaul *** me for my deposite no refund on 100 dollars trying to tell me its not a deposite its a charge all together we paid 145.77 to go 27 kms it said on the receipt it would be refonded but for some odd reson they would not honor that and to top that off thay charged me anouther 17.00 for a safe move fee