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I rented a 14 foot uhaul truck on 6/14/2008. Equipment Number DC7005B. I picked up the truck and everything appeared to be going fine. They were so generous to give me 3/8 of a tank of gas. So first thing I did was to fill it up with gas, which cost me $75.

I then proceeded to the storage unit we had to load it up. We got it all loaded and drove about 10 miles to our destination. Just before we got there smoke started coming from under the hood of the truck, since we were less than 1 minute away from where we needed to be we drove and parked it there. As I turned the truck off more smoke started pouring out from under the hood of the truck.

We opened the hood to find a fire on the drivers side, we quickly got some water and started dowsing the fire. As we thought we were getting it all put out we learned that the fire has spread to the inside of the truck on the drivers side, we then put the fire out inside the truck also.

We then dowsed the entire engine and inside to ensure that the fire was out. Finally it was. We then called the Roadside Assistance who said they would be by to tow the truck in less than 1 hour, after 6 hours they finally showed up and towed the truck.

The next morning I went to talk to the General Manager of the Torrance Store(Carl Arnold). I wanted to ensure that my contract was closed out and that I would not be charged anything because the truck caught on fire. I was assured by him that I would not be charged for this. He also told me that there was nothing he could do for me at all at that time to close out the contract. He stated that someone would call me the following day to close the contract out and make sure I was satisfied.

Still after 14 days I have not received one single call back about this and have called and talked to many people about it that just keep running me in circles. To this day and to my knowledge my contract is still open and well what do you know I just received a charge on my credit card from U-Haul for this truck.

I am still waiting to get this solved, I would like to not be charged for this rental, get my $75 in gas money I spent and did not use and also find out why U-Haul thought it was a good thing to rent out a truck that caught on fire and risked mine and my family's lives when these trucks are supposed to go through normal maintenance.

Where I rented

U-Haul Center Old Town

21707 S. Western Ave

Torrance, CA 90501


Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Roadside Assistance.

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Hi my name is Jackie my uhaul truck started on fire too and they are denying my claim. Please email me back at if your uhaul has started on fire for no apparent reason.

They are not properly inspecting these trucks and we need to put a stop to them risking people's lives. They just don't care!