Winnipeg, Manitoba
Not resolved

I reserved a 6x12 from Century St in Winnipeg and they got confused but promised me a trailer. It was not there so they pulled out another.

I asked if it was inspected and roadworthy and they said yup yup yup. I hooked on, went home, loaded, and then checked tire inflation: 46, 41, 36, and flat. This trailer is hardly ready for an 850 mile trip across western Canada in the dead of winter!! I called and mentioned the flat.

Bring it in and get another trailer they said. Would it be roadworthy asked I? Yup yup Yup she replies. Since I am loaded could they just change out the tire on this one?

Gee. never thought of that! I will have to check with "The General Manager"! Yes.

So away we go. The total IQ in this shop is around 15 including the dog.

How do they get away with this? Is there no such thing as criminal negligence in Canada?

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