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The U-Haul trailer we rented turned out to have defective brake lights and turn signals, and NO BRAKE PADS in the surge brakes. We discovered the lights first, and stopped along our route at a U-Haul provider to ask for help.

They said they didn't have anyone around who could fix that. We discovered the lack of brake pads when the metal-on-metal grinding made it nearly impossible to move the trailer. We waited in 95 degree heat for endless hours, and the "fix" was to back off the wheel a bit so it would grind less, but no pads were installed. We were just advised to drive carefully.

When we finally limped it to our destination and turned it in, the receiving office had absolutely no interest in the safety issues with the trailer. They will clearly rent it immediately to the next unfortunate person in line. They offered us a "VIP" certificate for $40 toward a future rental: obviously no such rental will be occurring.

UNSAFE. Don't use their equipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Trailer Rental.

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i used to work for u-haul , I brought many safety issues to the attention of the general manager and was told not to worry about it. The general manager was very young and disorganized the kind mommy would pick up after !!


Another way to communicate this is with the UN-EDITED customer reviews that U-Haul displays against each of their locations on their website. That way the company can address the problems where they occur.

And, future customers can choose locations with higher ratings.




I will never rent from u-haul again.You know Home Depot rents moving trucks.I had trouble in April with them.


How does this picture show a "lack of brake pads"??? I can identify DRUM BRAKES, that is, the brake pads are INSIDE the drum.

And WHY are you driving the trailer off the lot without checking ALL the lights? This is the DRIVER'S RESPONSIBILITY not the company's renting it to you. You should have refused this trailer and request a different one.

However, that does not make it o.k.

for U-haul to have a lousy customer service.


It doesn't show that, it's the just only photo I took. The repair man told us about the missing pads.

He hadn't knocked the drum off at that point. We did check ALL the lights. They stopped working after two days, and I went to a U-Haul location on my route for help.

They shrugged and told me there wasn't anyone there who could help. I had no way of knowing about the brake pads until the wheel seized up.


It was given to us without brake pads or functioning turn signals. If basic maintenance had been done we would never have lost an entire day in Wyoming in the heat.


As an employee (not where this occurred) I looked in the system at that trailer. It did not go out to another person right after you dropped it off.

It in fact went into the shop and had repairs done. The situation is really unfortunate but keep in mind as with anything mechanical, breakdowns can occur.


Breakdowns can occur, but UHaul could do what Budget did for my sister and bring her a new truck, rather than put her life and property in danger to avoid inconveniencing themselves.