Movinghelp.com was recommended to my neighbor who had rented a U-haul truck by the U-Haul folks. The mover had his own pickup truck there & his girlfriend driving it. She backed out of the parking lot and destroyed the side of my Merecedes by turning too early. *** or drunk. Then drove off-hit & run.

The mover acted like he did not know her and was very rude. The girlfriend ended up coming back 15 min later, tried to run me down in the parking lot & we got her license # though. Then the mover gave us his phone #. Nothing else. No insurance info, nothing. Damage prob $5,000+.

When I called U-Haul they denied and responsibility even though the movinghelp.com is their affiliated web site they use to provide movers so they can rent trucks. What a SCAM!! The web site is set up so no one else can give any feedback except the customer who paid for their services. U-Hual has obviously been through this many times and turns a blind eye. I will not ever use U-Haul again or movinghelp.com. Both are SCAMS!

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I got service, If that's what you want to call it, through moving help.2 guys looking straight out of tent city showed up.

They didn't know a thing about moving furniture. I had to tell them what to do the whole time.

Ruined my armour, among other things.Use another site.


You just got a bad situation with that guys company.Its not a scam it's a good deal..

Have you ever moved.Yourself before?


Its not a scam there affiliated not responsible for you hiring the wrong moving helpers for going for the cheapest price and not based on performance also 5000 in damage looks like you went to a shady body shop as well

Sun City Center, Florida, United States #1025333

I had a bad experience via a no-show on moving day. We cancelled the service to get a refund and this active breaks the link to leave feedback for the no-show service provider. MovingHelp is not interested in helping me provide negative feedback.


June 29, 2015 I used this service as I always because it was recommended by Uhaul.However, the company Indy Movers must work off Craig's list.

They took multiple calls and emails to confirm my 10am move. After waiting at the house until 4pm I discovered that they emailed me at 3pm saying they can't do the move.

This left me with less than 18hours to move an entire 3bedroom house and all the big furniture was on the second floor.Uhaul didn't care and said they have nothing today with the movers they recommend.


Wow, I am not affiliated with either party.I used them and they were awesome.

My thoughts are this: How can you honestly say uhaul or there moving partners are a scam? If that actually happened, that is one person. I highly doubt (if you even work) that your company's success soley depends on you as an individual.

I firmly believe just putting that on here is considered defamation.You are a retard period.

to Your a cry baby Renton, Washington, United States #993136

Most of all these ,Movers help company type have no insurance of any type .U haul should not be in any way supporting this.


Park your luxury automobile in a safer spot next time it's all about you

Kingston, Pennsylvania, United States #922049

All movers on moving help is not like that....Don't take it out on all the movers because u had a bad one...

Glenview, Illinois, United States #919080

Get a life and stop ***

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