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22 comments was recommended to my neighbor who had rented a U-haul truck by the U-Haul folks. The mover had his own pickup truck there & his girlfriend driving it. She backed out of the parking lot and destroyed the side of my Merecedes by turning too early. *** or drunk. Then drove off-hit & run.

The mover acted like he did not know her and was very rude. The girlfriend ended up coming back 15 min later, tried to run me down in the parking lot & we got her license # though. Then the mover gave us his phone #. Nothing else. No insurance info, nothing. Damage prob $5,000+.

When I called U-Haul they denied and responsibility even though the is their affiliated web site they use to provide movers so they can rent trucks. What a SCAM!! The web site is set up so no one else can give any feedback except the customer who paid for their services. U-Hual has obviously been through this many times and turns a blind eye. I will not ever use U-Haul again or Both are SCAMS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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I got service, If that's what you want to call it, through moving help. 2 guys looking straight out of tent city showed up.

They didn't know a thing about moving furniture. I had to tell them what to do the whole time.

Ruined my armour, among other things. Use another site.


You just got a bad situation with that guys company. Its not a scam it's a good deal..

Have you ever moved. Yourself before?


Its not a scam there affiliated not responsible for you hiring the wrong moving helpers for going for the cheapest price and not based on performance also 5000 in damage looks like you went to a shady body shop as well


I had a bad experience via a no-show on moving day. We cancelled the service to get a refund and this active breaks the link to leave feedback for the no-show service provider. MovingHelp is not interested in helping me provide negative feedback.


June 29, 2015 I used this service as I always because it was recommended by Uhaul. However, the company Indy Movers must work off Craig's list.

They took multiple calls and emails to confirm my 10am move. After waiting at the house until 4pm I discovered that they emailed me at 3pm saying they can't do the move.

This left me with less than 18hours to move an entire 3bedroom house and all the big furniture was on the second floor. Uhaul didn't care and said they have nothing today with the movers they recommend.


Wow, I am not affiliated with either party. I used them and they were awesome.

My thoughts are this: How can you honestly say uhaul or there moving partners are a scam? If that actually happened, that is one person. I highly doubt (if you even work) that your company's success soley depends on you as an individual.

I firmly believe just putting that on here is considered defamation. You are a retard period.

@Your a cry baby

Most of all these ,Movers help company type have no insurance of any type .U haul should not be in any way supporting this.


Park your luxury automobile in a safer spot next time it's all about you


All movers on moving help is not like that....Don't take it out on all the movers because u had a bad one...


Get a life and stop ***


U-haul even gave me a credit for a future move and I would never call then if my life depended on it. My contact information is, before I forget.

I just got the run-around with U-haul telling to call Moving Helpers (legally they are a company by the name of E-move, apparently) and then they told me to call U-Haul. That went on for several weeks. Now VISA is taking their side without ever contacting me. I am going to have to close my checking account in the morning, and open a new one ASAP so that I can try to get my SS and another automatic payment I receive, sent to me by check. Then I will have to get new checks printed. I have just had cancer surger last month. As soon as I feel better, I am going to sue the whole bunch. The movers turned out to be grandmother (who has the checking account) and her kids and grandkids. Things broken, apparently no insurance. They lied to me repeatedly, and then lied about me. I am a 70 year old widow that they took advantage of.

U-Haul better wake up and get rid of this whole partnership. If you need people to help move go to a high school or college and talk to a counselor. That's what you are going to get anyway. Just a bunch of unskilled hands.


You probably chose a 3 star rated service provider because he was cheapest instead of choosing a 5 star rated provider because they were more expensive........You always get what you pay for!!!


I use to work for CB movers and CB is the worst guy to work for and he is also the wrong guy to hire to help with any moving because his company has caused more damage than any other moving company eaatern seaboard so if anyone needs anything loaded or unloaded please ask for K&J movers.


I've used Moving Help on 4 separate occasions and had excellent moves every really get what you pay for on there. If you are in the Chicago area check out Wisdom Moving. They were the best out of all of them and I'll be using them again.


We have moved a couple times, Some pro's some non experience, after moving with Rental truck help pro's they gave us they direct contact, for moving help. So we do not need uhual, rentaltruckhelpcom you have to retype that with the w's and the dot, but for Illinois they were great. They were trained to do more then uhauls, but semi's, thats who I want loading my truck


Uhaul Moving Help is pretty consitent. not only do they not leave customers with a serious complaint unresolved, they also treat their providers the same way.

I currently have a BBB complaint lodged against them for not paying my company for the work we did. Instead of being an honest business and paying for our work, they decided to give us the run around and deactivate our profile so we cannot access the information they are asking for to get paid.

A quick google search shows that Uhaul moving Help is consitent in this manner: they are helpful when things are going right, but they are useless in the face of real problems. They leave both the customer and the provider alone to fend for themselves.

@Ex Uhaul Moving Helper

Very well put. God forbid anything goes wrong. My problems started when the U-Haul computer system nationwide went down and therewere delays getting the truck. Meanwhile Moving Helpers were charging for overtime.

Moving Help's legal name is apparently E-move. I never even got a receipt or the initial confirmation of what I had paid for thru U-Haul's system. Now they are reading the fine print and denying all liability for the people they refer to.

They lied to me, and about me.

@Sharon Holmes

My name is Mj and in one occasion i witnessed sharons delima the people she hired to help her move looked and acted like a bunch of druggies. one gentleman an his girlfriend (im assumeing) were fighting in the parking lot disturbing the other customers in the storage fac.

Managment was forced to step out side and asked them to cool it. those horrible people Sharon hire were not there to help her they were only there to get paid.

I belive they were even doing drugs in the bathroom of the storage fac. why else do 3 people go into the bathroom and come out with eyes wide open!

I reconize some of these signs from my past.


WOW!!! Sharon you really need to find some thing else to do...

I have seen you on this site a few different times. You have nothing nice to say at all and MJ come on tell the truth just by what u said that sounds like B.S. I have used e-moves & movinghelpers in the past and know a lot people & family members that have used them and we have all been happy with our loaders, unloaders, and packers and we never had any problems or broke stuff. Some People just like to to say things about others and cause problems for people that are working and and trying to make a living and its not fair to them.

And making up lies come on tell the truth people..... No one is perfect and some times thing don't always go right but to bash people and bash them over & over because you have nothing else to do with your life but be mad all the time is just nuts....

you & mj need to get HAPPY because HATERS SUCKS..... GOD BLESS YOU BOTH


You are probably still high.