Boulder, Colorado
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My fiance and I reserved a 17" truck online. When went to pick it up, the employee gave us a 14" instead. I didn't say anything because it was only going to be $19.99 (the advertised price for the 14" truck),and since we were only moving a block away I figured the extra trips wouldn't cost much.

However, we were charged $29.99 instead. When we asked for a correction on the price, the employee fed us some *** about the truck being different or something, even though he removed a $19.99 sign from the windshield of the truck before pulling it out for us.

We still haven't gotten our money back and now I will steer all of my friends and family away from U-Haul.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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Even if the recording can't be used in court or at the police station, it can still convince the employee or the employee's boss to fix the issue.

For example, if I threatened to go to his boss with the proof he screwed us over, he might be more willing to refund the difference in order to avoid getting in trouble.


Wow-- any *** who tells you to record anything is ***. In most states it is ILLEGEL to record some one without their consent.

Even if the person says "I KILLED SOME ONE!!!" unless they agree to be recorded the evidence is thrown out... please read up on the laws for your state before posting such idiocy...


ps - 'bait and switch' is a criminal offense. be sure and tell them that while you are recording. heh heh heh,.


Next time (any time!) you do business take a digital recorder and record all the particulars and specifics of 'the deal'. It is amazing how much this simple step (digital video minirecorders also excellent!) will simplify your business life.

Highly recommended for both tenants and landlords anytime!

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