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U-Haul sent me a survey after my rental. Only problem is that it only asks about the pickup and drop off locations - which were fine.

It asks nothing about U-Haul's services - for a very good reason. U-Hauls systems are HORRENDOUS. (So U-Haul since you don't ask about your own services on the survey, I will just tell you here: YOU ARE HORRIBLE.) The web site lies on multiple occasions. It told me "U-Haul Representative will contact you to schedule at the most convenient agreed upon time and location with available equipment." COMPLETE LIE as no such contact was ever made - they just sent me an email telling me that a bigger truck than I wanted would be at a location 20 miles farther away and they were only giving me half the miles (119 vs.

238) that they originally offered.. And it took customer service 13 minutes to answer the phone only to tell me that they can't help me - all they can do is take complaints. (I was complaining!) So they send me to the "scheduling department" which means back into another call ***. After 2 hours on the phone and via FB messaging I finally got the original miles plus enough to cover the extra miles I had to drive to pick up the truck.

No compensation for all the extra gas caused by the bigger truck and extra miles though. Note: I would have cancelled at this point and gone with someone else, but they don't inform you until it is too late to make other arrangements. Another web page tells me that "Your equipment has been reserved." COMPLETE LIE - their customer service and scheduling people will tell you that the site just takes your preferences and then the "scheduling department" tries to find a truck. There is obviously no connectivity between the web based sales system and the manual scheduling department - so there is no way the web site can know that your equipment is reserved.

(If they had an actual "scheduling system" they would not need a scheduling department. Then the web site says that using the online Express check in will cut my pickup wait time in half. COMPLETE LIE as the express check-in data that I entered never made it into the actual check in system the next morning. Again, evidently no connectivity between the online systems and the back-office systems since the data I entered was not available 15 hours later.

And finally, let me just say that U-Haul does add plenty of weasel language to the website to protect themselves from actually having to answer to any of the above - or actually offer good customer service. They just bury it on linked pages, rather than put it up front so the customer knows what to expect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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your an idiot we have people do express check right in parking lot walk in and we hand them the keys u don t know how to operate your dumb phone oh I mean smarter than u phone