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Andrew Amaral

Contract # 00010814

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Recently I have encountered the single most unprofessional business experience

of my life dealing with the U-Haul company for truck and trailer rentals.

I am a 22 year old male from Leamington Ontario, and I have just moved out on

my own a couple weeks prior to my outraged experience with the U-Haul company.

Rather then being the safest easiest, and most convenient moving experience as it states

on the U-haul website, turned out being the most stressful,

aggravating and inconvenient moving experience that I would never bestow upon any


On November 27 2007, I made an agreement with U-Haul in Leamington Ontario

that on Saturday December 1st 2007 I would have a U-haul truck available for me in

Chatham Ontario. The arrangement was a one way trip from Chatham to Leamington,

with the “90klm deal” as was presented for $147. On Friday November 30th, I was

notified by U-Haul I had a truck available in Wallecburg Ontario which is another 20-30

minutes away from Chatham, and not in Chatham as was the original plan. I picked the

truck up in Wallecburg on a quarter tank, and made my way to Leamington to start

moving all my belongings. With 20 minutes to go until I was home the tank ran empty,

and I was frightened there wasn’t even enough gas to take me home. Luckily I made it

home, and when it came time to drop off the truck at the designated drop off point in

Leamington, I was given a hard time by the U-haul representative at the drop off location.

He stated that I owed another $80 for gas. The rude and disillusioned gentlemen stated

the truck was given to me at a half tank when in reality it was only a quarter tank, and he

believed I owed him more money. When I arrived back home I noticed I was billed twice on my VISA bill from U-haul. The $147, which I paid in Wallecburg for the renting of

the truck, and another $130 from the Leamington U-haul which I did not know the

whereabouts of. Which seemed to be a minor problem at first ended up being an

extremely difficult situation. I notified the cooperate office in U-haul that Monday

morning with my complaint, and after taking all my information I was told I was going to

be notified back in 2 days. The 2 days went by and I heard nothing from U-haul, so I

called again and went over the same process all over again ending off with the same

response, “I would be notified back in 2 days”. Again 2 days went by and I heard

nothing back. I called a third time and went over the same process all over again with yet

again the same response, and the same unprofessional outcome. Finally after the fourth time of calling I was put threw head office in Hamilton as I demanded, and I presented my complaint for the fourth time. The customer service representative stated that “as the contract states locations may vary”, and the extra $130 I was charged was “a penalty for not bringing the truck back to the drop off point at the original gas level I received it, as stated on the contract”. I repediatly tried to explain myself saying I was told by the U-haul representative in Leamington I only had to pay the $147 everything inclusive, and I was never told about any such penalty, and I received the truck at a quarter tank of gas. She was quick to ignore my complaint and repediatly kept stating it was in the contract.

As you can see from the start U-haul has been nothing but problems for me from the day I came in contact with them. With the sudden change of the pick up location, being charged an extra $130 for a “penalty”, being argued with that I owed an extra $80 for gas, and the difficulty to find help from the company after countless efforts to solve the problem, I find myself exhausted and outraged.

Therefore, thus was the consequences I have endured with dealing with the U-haul company for the first and definetly last time. I am $277 short of my hard earned money, and have endured the absolute most painful, stressful moving experience of my life. I am going to do everything in my power to notify as many newspapers, companies, and people to make sure no one ever has to deal with the unprofessional radical business tactics I have experienced from the absolute most unsatisfactory, unpleasant, least skilled, insensitive, company I ever had to deal with; U-haul your moving and storage resource.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uhaul Truck Rental.

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Well Andrew......All I can advise with anyone renting through U-Haul is to read, and re read the contract to make sure nothing like this happens to them. Unfortunatley, U-haul has the market covered when it comes to trailer rentals, especially trailer/truck rentals one way. But, thanks for your insight.


i as a former employee of u-haul in wichita can tell you how it was years ago,subpar trucks,trailers,and some of the worse excuses why your truck"just did`nt make it"i worked their for 4 years and let me tell you people that u-haul has only one piece of compitition.....a buddy with a truck

they cut corners in the repair shop,piece trucks together and back in the days i would say 40 percent of the trailers light did not work,the other percentage lays on the truck not being wired for trailers

i feel for joe shoen but it has greatley improved over the years we don`t go out and play repo man anymore,loot the storage rooms(as far as i know) and is becoming more reputatable day after day,as of late i rented a tow dolly to toe my sisters car,i went to the south seneca location and got one with my old truck,they gave me an almost new one(not a scratch on it)they wired it on the spot(the store manager did it)and it only took him a half hour but he had to stop and answer the phone and help customers as well and i think that man needs a raise given how hard he works....

i towed a cutless acrost town with no problems,returned it and had absouluteley no problems whatsoever,that store manager was helpful and very resourseful,if i had a company i would strive for clones of that man(of whom i cannot recall his name) but he is the store manager of the south seneca location in wichita kansas....good job u-haul,don`t worry about the past because that was yesterday this is now




To top it all off, this company is owned by top members of the CFR...(Council on foreign relations). Imagine that! A shirt-tail CFR of the Illuminati.


We sympathize with you. U haul took $90 out of our bank account without notifying us and we now owe the bank $218 in overdraft charges because we only had $40 in the account and our $5-$6 debits didn't clear...It wouldn't have been such a problem had they notified us which one person said it was policy for us to be notified and another said it wasn't...They told us the same thing.."It's in the contract.." But it's NOT because we have a copy of it!!