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We rented a 14 ft truck, dolly, furnature pads and the $28 insurance. We did a one way move and was under the allowed milage by 20 miles. We spent $202 just renting the equipment. Well.. U haul decided to take an additional $90 out of our bank account 2 weeks later without notifying us that they were doing so! We now owe the bank $218 for overdraft charges! For every item that came through that day we owe $25!!!!

After making phone call after phone call to U-haul locations we were finally told it was because the gas wasn't replaced (picked up with 1/2 a tank and was 1/8 short of 1/2 a tank upon returning it).. We were then told that it is policy that U-haul contact the costumer prior to taking money out of an account and that we were entitled to see their phone records...The next person we talk to says that it's not policy that U-haul contact the costumer and that we cannot see a copy of the phone records...What The Heck!!!!!

So now we are out $218 to the bank because a bunch of $5 debits that would've cleared had U-haul let us know they were taking $90 out of our account!!!!!! And what does the U-haul managers say??? "Tough, should've read the contract (which says nothing about you not being notified if they charge you), and get a lawyer, It's not our problem!!!!"

We believe that $90 is a bit mcuh for a mere 1/8 a tank of gas however, the real problem is that they didn't notify us when they took the money out of our accout...I mean, 2 weeks down the road can they just take more money and say.."Oh it's because you were more than an 1/8 short.."

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They took money out of my bank account...3x trying to get my money back....we all need to get something done bout this


We were just charged $130 two weeks after renting...no idea why. We made sure we put the correct amount of gas back in before dropping it off. Guess we made the mistake of dropping off our rental after hours.


And I will be calling U-Haul and my bank in the morning for fraudulent charges.


I rent uhaul trucks all the time for my business. I can understand being frustrated and pissed when your acct is short. But I can't imagine returning the truck without the full amount of fuel. And if I knew it was short when I returned it and I didn't call them myself asap to ask to be let off the hook or ask how it would be charged I would fully expect the card I gave them would be charged for any overages. That is exactly what they do and even my first rental I was clear that that would happen.

You screwed up.

If uhaul didnt charge that everyone would return it short and they would have to install fuel pumps at uhaul locations. They do enough already and provide pick up locations just about everywhere partnering with local businesses in every town. The extra money pays for that local business to send the guy who is busy installing mufflers to stop and go fuel up the uhaul again as well as to deter people from thinking its no big deal since its just an 1/8 of a tank.


I work for a U-Haul drop off location and when a truck goes out the mileage and gas gauge reading are on the contract, you go inspect the truck with the U-haul agent and you sign off on those numbers. It clearly states in the contract that the vehicle has to be returned with the same gas as when it left the location, or you agree to pay a $30.00 refueling fee and $4.00 per gallon.

Also on the contract it clearly states how many miles are allowed if the truck is a one way rental, and the cost of you go over mileage and or days. If you are doing an in town rental, the estimated mileage fee is not "pre-charged" that helps you the client determine how much you will be paying overall. If you pay by credit card an amount will be held on your card (pre-authorization) to be sure that there is some recourse in case the client decides they cannot pay.

If you have no credit card then you must pay a $100.00(in most cases)deposit for the truck, which if you do not exceed that amount and use less miles than you thought, is credited back to you at the return screen when the U-haul agent is returning the truck. All that is being complained about is inaccurate and anger at not respecting your own signature and just blindly signing a contract that you have not read or made yourself aware of, who is to blame for that U-haul or yourself?


I rented a truck from the U Haul office on Arapahoe st. in Los Angeles, California on 6/13/2011 to do some recycling.

I drove 50 miles and returned the truck the same day. U Haul charged me for 64 Miles. I appealed to the manager of the office but she refused to accomodate me. I am in the process of taking legal action and would like to hear from others who have been overcharged for mileage that you didnot actually drive.

It is possible that we can legally force U Haul to return the overcharges to us.

You may contact Lee Jenkins at jpc4559@yahoo.com. Please leave your email and I will contact you with the details, preference you message with the words


and P.S. the credit or debit card is required for the losers that try and get something for nothing dont try and work us over or we will work you harder than you truly think your bein work.

btw all negative comments have been filed under an E-Alert none of you will ever rent a uhaul again? good cuz now you cant


Speak English much? You should just stop because you are making yourself look like an illiterate LOSER!

P.S. stop threatening people like you're some badass.


epic fail on all fronts. contract tells you everything.

if you try and say drop it off at night with a shy tank and we have your card on file you think were gonna call you until you come pay it? dont be *** people ignorance is bliss but come on.


U-Haul's policy/procedures of requiring a credit/debit card and applying pre-charges at the time of rental is a rip off!!! The pre-charges for the estimated mileage is the scam.

The estimated mileage fee is an abstract amount deducted immediately from your banking account. When it comes time to credit back the overdraft amount they conveniently use the Federal regulation law of holing your money for up to five days. If you multiply this over the entire U.S.

this is a huge scam. Beware - I will not patronize U-Haul again!!!


I should have added that I've contacted U-Haul headquarters telling them about my experience and demanding a refund of the amounts they've charged...we'll see what happens. :p


My wife and I rented a medium-size truck to pick up a washer/dryer set and a fridge in two neighboring towns. Put about 70 miles on the unit and filled it to just above the half tank mark (was just below half a tank when rented)...they first credited our account (twice) in error and then started debiting the account with wild abandon.

To add insult to injury, they texted us saying our rental was "overdue"...we'd returned it within three hours, posted the mileage and placed the key and contract in their after-hours box attached to their porch railing. They texted us TWO DAYS LATER wondering where their truck was!!! Someone obviously rented the thing after we returned it. Wife, sister and nephew picked me up in our vehicle...so have witnesses on the gas and return.

All totalled, they've charged us just over $300 for a three-hour rental, gassed up as required.

Will never use U-Haul again. :-/


U-Haul ran a charged me more than i was expecting to pay, causing a cascade of bounced charges at 35 each fee times 7

im not a happy mover, they never took the time to call me to let me know what the total would be, i received a check for $8.93 cents refund

i will not cash till matter is resolved

this company I will avoid in future i been calling for manager i am waiting for a return call i offerd to pay cash so that my charges would be credited i was one day too late according to them

i am very dissatisfied


My girlfriend placed a hold on a truck , we picked it up sunday dropped it off the same day after midnight, I had no idea as of the charges they just charged over what i was expecting to pay.

by monday my bank had bounced 7 small purchases "racking 35.00" each fee

went to uhaul after patiently waiting for the manager, he tells me he cant do anything for me since 48 hours had elapsed charges couldnt be reversed I explained my intention was to pay for the incurred charges with cash

but no one from the office had called to let me know what would be charged to my bank card, he explained nothing i can do.


Just got ripped off for $823.00. Went into my account like a thief.

They don't even have the courtesy to let you know why they are charging you. I hope other burners didn't get ripped off. they got fees on me that they can't even account for so they need to do an investigation into the matter. I think they are just buying time to make up more *** reason to charge me.

I don't mind paying for what I was told the charges were for.

If they screw me, I will surely make it a point to let every person that rents a truck to burning man that UHAUL will rip you off. I'm so frackn pissed.


same exact thing happened to me 2 days ago! I have know idea why they ramdomly took another 154 dollars out of my account!! on top of the money they took out for the renting and everything (including taxes and insurance) I Fing hate Uhaul!!


I rented a small trailer. Used my debit card when picking the trailer up.

So I didn't have to pay the deposit fee upfront. Returned the trailer two hours later. Payed for the trailer in cash. They still charged my card, the same fee I payed in CASH.

The guy at the counter was VERY rude. He probably stole my CASH.

Calling to straighten those fools out now. :(


Is "Jenny" a stock owner in Uhaul or what?? Why defend Uhual in any way, shape or form?

They rip off customers all the time. If you don't believe me, check out the Better Business Bureau...they have over 3100 complaints in the last 3 years.

That is a lot. I am shocked they are even in business.


Just because "they rip off customers all the time" doesn't mean they are wrong in this instance. Yes, the amount of money charged for the gas used may be close to price gouging but they definitely make you aware of that charge.

Any rental (car or moving truck) does this.

But U-Haul actually gives you a way to figure out EXACTLY how much gas to buy in order to bring the tank back to the original level. I've rented from U-Haul quite a bit over the past 7 years or so and feel like they are the best at not hiding fees from you.


None of you guys apparently know how to read a contract. Uhaul doesn't have to notify you of anything before they take out the money. Not only do they have signs posted all over their offices, but the people you rent the truck from TELL you, PLUS it's in the contract.

The first piece of paper you sign is you agreeing that the gas gauge is on a specific mark, and it says on the contract that if they receive the truck without that SAME AMOUNT OF GAS they will charge you a $35 fee plus whatever gas prices are.

If you don't like it, learn how to read contracts better.