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We rented a 26' truck from U-Haul, one month prior to our scheduled move from New York to Dallas on November 28 2009. I had made all the arrangements with the movers and my husband had made an arrangement to buy a car in Dallas on the day of our arrival.

The people who are selling us their car were moving to another state but they've decided to wait for a couple of more days until we arrive so that they can sell their car. On Friday at 5pm (about 15 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time, and right after everything closes) U-Haul gives us a call to say that they don't have a truck for Saturday but we can get it for Sunday. We are moving from an office building and the freight elevators on Sunday are closed unless you make prior arrangements. Friday at 5pm we had no time to make these arrangements and now our move is automatically scheduled for two days later which is the Monday right after Black Friday weekend where it will be impossible to park the truck near the freight entrance because of the volume of delivery trucks on busy Monday mornings.

I have looked at uhaul reviews on the internet and saw that many people posted similar comments.

I should have looked at those before. I hope someone else reads this before making their decision with U-Haul.

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It is not necessarily U-Haul's fault for that. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you.

But when we schedule one-way truck reservations, there is no way to be 100% sure that a truck is coming in at that time, because people get ignorant and don't return their trucks on time. You should have got $50.00 for your inconvenience, I know it's not much, considering your inconvenience, but I hope it helped.


Better you didn't get their equipment !!! We scheduled for a 26' also and told the agent it was going from CT to FL - 1100 miles - in December.

The first truck they tried to give us had only one windshield wiper ...... on the passenger side. When I pointed this out to the U-Haul agent, they found another truck. Upon stopping for fuel in SC I noticed that the front tires looked somewhat worn so we decided to take it slow.

Upon our arrival in FL unloading the truck we noticed when the wheels were turned that both front tires steel belts were showing !!!!

U-Haul's solution was vouchers for free equipment !!!!! Wouldn't use their equipment even free.