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U-Haul, specifically U-Haul at 1535 Round Rock Avenue (Hwy 620) in Round Rock was able to go from bad service to worse service to outright capital failure. I returned several times to get a hitch controller fixed, which they had put in faulty, and they refused to resolve the issue.

They made a few half ditch efforts which caused me to escalate to local sales and then when the employees found out they stated that I had snitched on them and provided even worse service, eventually asking me to leave. My issue is still not resolved, my car is torn apart and they still refuse to fix it. The manager JJ stated he would call me on Monday and find another U-Haul to help me since his incompetent rude employees had their feelings hurt (seriously?) and refused to work with me. Customer service at this U-Haul is 0 and since JJ never called me back as he said he would they are also liars, or at the very least unable keep promises.

I contacted their corporate office and explained this to them and they apologized but I told them I was beyond an apology and just wanted my car fixed. This has been going on for three weeks now for a 60 dollar part that would take them 15 to 20 minutes to fix. I am honestly surprised this place is still in business.

I won't even get into the sexist behavior I witnessed from their employees while waiting most of the day at their place. It was beyond reprehensible.

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