Calgary, Alberta
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Callled a local Calgary number to book a hitch installation and trailer pick-up. Paid deposit for hitch and made an appointment to have it installed.

After the van had been dropped off, the Manager called my home before I had arrived and told my wifef he didn't have the hitch. When I told him I had been promised the hitch for that day and needed to leave the next morning for New York he said that I had booked it through Arizona and it would take 7 days to arrive. Apparently U Haul re-routes all of the calls if no one answers to the "call centre". No hitch - no trailer and less time to travel to NYC to attend school.

U haul customer service is pathetic - shuffled from person to automated options - never any solutions - only excuses and abosolutley no offer to make it right. My advice NEVER deal with U Haul - they don't deliver on what they promise and you will be disappointed.

The Calgary Blackfoot location is the worst.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Yup, you're absolutely correct! UHaul routes their calls from Phoenix, AZ to god knows where and I have had the same experience.

You have my sympathies. Next time try another Rental company...even if they're not conveniently located...because your time is valuable, too.

UHaul is NOT dependable and they definitely 'Bait and switch' prices. Good Luck.